Why Does My Butt Hurt After Riding a Bike? How To Prevent It.

The muscles in our buttocks are used to stabilize the pelvis and femur. Our bodies are designed so that these muscles are constantly working. They are often stressed when we ride bikes, especially if our saddle is too high or we have poor form. When this happens, the buttock muscles will contract and tighten, leading to pain in the buttock region.

As a professional cyclist, a common question comes in front of me: Why does my butt hurt after riding a bike? So basically, it comes with some significant reasons like your sitting style is inappropriate, you are not wearing sporting shorts, and you are paddling for such a long time without resting. Most of the time is caused by soft tissue fatigue or inflammation around the area of contact between your body and the bike’s saddle.

Why does my butt hurt after riding a bike

The human body is designed to bend at the hips, not the waist. This means that when you are standing up, your legs should form an angle of about 90 degrees with your torso. When you are seated, the angle should be around 120 degrees. Cycling is a repetitive movement that involves leaning forward and back, which can cause strain in the hip flexor muscles in your thighs.

Cyclist sitting

Some people experience pain in their buttocks or lower back after cycling if they don’t maintain proper form or ride for extended periods. Many factors cause discomfort in one’s posterior while riding a bike. One of them is improper bicycle fit; when there is too much friction between the seat and your butt cheeks – this can lead to soreness or numbness in certain areas.

To prevent pain in your butt when cycling: consider switching to a more comfortable seat and taking frequent breaks when riding to ensure you are not holding your body in an uncomfortable position for too long.

When your butt is hurting after riding a bike, it is essential to determine what saddle you are using?

Down there, we gathered some experienced and more convenient suggestions for you to prevent this soreness. Continue your reading to pick a piece of advice.

1. Considerable riding time

Riding a bike for fun is a great way to get some exercise and explore new places. However, it is not always the most comfortable experience.

When you ride a bike for an extended period, your butt can get very sore, which can be due to sitting too long on one spot and the angle of the seat and handlebars.

Riding a bike is not an easy exercise and can be very painful if we aren’t used to the activity. It usually takes a few weeks to get used to it and feel comfortable.

Riding long distances or cycling for hours can lead to severe discomfort in the muscles of the back, legs, and buttocks and those of the neck and shoulders. This can cause pain that can last for days after riding.

Whether you’re riding a bike too much or your butt is sore after a long ride; there are a few things you can do at home that will relieve this discomfort before going out again:

  • Warm up by taking 10 minutes on a stationary bike before going out again
  • Do some light stretching

2. Incorrect riding style leads to butt pain

The incorrect riding style is a common problem for a lot of people. It’s not only about the physical pain but also about the embarrassment that can occur if you’re seen as a novice rider.

Many people who ride bikes do so with their hands on the handlebars instead of their feet as they should. They do this because it feels more natural to them and makes it easier to balance on the bike. On the other hand, this position is very unsafe and can lead to severe injuries if you fall off your bike or, even worse, break your neck!

You should ride a bike by fully supporting yourself with your lower body and pushing with your upper body instead of your hands. As long as you’re doing this correctly, there shouldn’t be any pain in your butts or other body parts.

Riding a bike with your seat too low can cause lower back pain, muscle strain, and even injury if you’re not careful.

How NOT sit on the bike:

If you’re riding with a seat that is too high, the weight of your body is put onto the small area of contact between two bones in your pelvis called the sacral promontory. This is most common when going down hills or over cobblestones with uneven surfaces (also known as “hills”).

3. Inappropriate fitting of bicycle

Usually, when a rider sits on a bicycle with an incorrect saddle height or angle, their body will contact the seat and handlebars. In this case, the buttock will most likely be in contact with the saddle. As a result, movement of the pelvis causes pain in the area of most regular contact with the saddle.

When a rider has an incorrect saddle setting for their height or riding style, they may experience pain in this area due to poor biomechanics from the poor seating position.

The back wheel has to be in contact with the ground. It should not be “aligned” with your body or head; instead, it should parallel your spine.

4. Use of Specific garments

If you think your butt hurts after riding a bike because you’re not used to it, it might be the clothes. Cycling shorts are made with padded sections, and underwear should be snug-fitting, not loose.

cyclist butt pain

Cycling shorts are appropriately designed, and they provide a comfort zone for a cyclist entirely. They are made up of skin-tight stuff and are short in length, which helps to improve your comfort and make you more efficient. These shorts help to reduce the fatigue of your thigh and butt muscles.

We recommend using Cycling shorts like this:

sponeed Men's Cycling Shorts Padded Bicycle Riding Pants Bike Biking Clothes Cycle Wear

These shorts are made to offer ample padding for the saddle and also provide protection from chaffing or other irritations. The right underwear can prevent that pain by absorbing sweat and preventing chafing, which often happens when the rider is seated on a saddle for an extended period.

5. Use of saddle pad

Riding a bike for long distances can cause pain in the butt (or other parts of the body) due to a lack of padding. A saddle pad or any form of padding is essential when riding bikes for long periods, especially if it is at an extreme angle where there may be more pressure on your body.

Zacro Bike Seat Cushion - Gel Padded Bike Seat Cover for Men Women Comfort, Extra Soft Exercise Bicycle Seat Compatible with Peloton, Outdoor & Indoor

A saddle pad is a piece of foam rubber underneath the saddle when riding a bike to keep it from rubbing against your legs when you ride. Riding a bike on the roads can often result in pain in the rider’s butt. This is because the process of cycling leads to tight muscles, which leads to fatigue.

Mainly two kinds of saddle pads are available in the market.

  • Performance saddles
  • Cushioning saddle.

Performance saddles are long and narrow and contain less padding, which provides a large amount of power in paddling. These saddles are usually used in mountain bikes, touring bikes, and road bikes.

Cushioning saddles are designed with a short nose shape and are fully padded, which absorbs road bumps. These are designed especially for fun bikes.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is the science behind butt pain on a bike ride?

Many people experience pain in the gluteus maximus, also known as the butt muscle. This pain is usually due to a lack of proper saddle adjustment. This can be especially problematic for bicyclists, who have a much more difficult time getting a good fit than runners do.

The science behind this is that when the air pressure in your inner tube compresses, it pushes up on your pelvis and forces your butt to work harder to maintain a similar stance in the saddle. This can lead to inflammation and other injuries when pressure is not adequately relieved from the muscle group.

How does butt pain on a bike ride differ from other types of pain?

Pain is an uncomfortable sensation caused by the stimulation of one or more of our sensory receptors. It can be caused by many things, including injury, illness, or surgery. Some types of pain are more likely to cause symptoms in inactive people for long periods because muscles and joints may become stiff or tight.

Pain on a bike ride is different from other types of pain because it is felt in places near the bicycle seat. This pain can be caused by buttock-related problems like sciatica, coccydynia, hip impingement syndrome, or piriformis syndrome. Butt pain on a bike ride differs from other types as it’s felt in the buttocks, and it’s caused due to pressure exerted on either side of the pelvis.


The muscles in the buttocks are short and tight, so they are easily affected by pressure. One of the reasons for the pain in your butt is that when you sit on a bike, your body is forced into an “S” shape. This causes the muscles to be shortened and tightened, which leads to friction against one another.

This is the most common cause of sore buttocks. Cycling can lead to discomfort in your butt if you ride your bike too long on a single stretch or if you don’t take breaks while you’re cycling. You’ll often experience some degree of pain or soreness in your butt if you cycle for too many hours in one go, so it’s best to take breaks and stop cycling at least every hour.

Sometimes people might not be sitting correctly on the seat, which can also lead to sore buttocks. If you’re riding a bike with an upright position, make sure that your hips are level with or slightly above the story of the seat – this will ensure that there is no pressure on your backside when you cycle.

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