Why Are Gravel Bike Handlebars Flared?

So why are gravel bike handlebars flared? You would definitely like to know the reason before buying. New and improved designs of handlebars are showing up to satisfy the evolving needs. This kind of handlebar is available in a wide variety. This makes it a need for riders to understand in detail about handlebars. 

Flared gravel handlebars are chosen because of their many specifications. The open and wider grip provides improved steering leverage. These handlebars make sure of lesser interference between the bar and wrist. A slightly flared handle is beneficial for rough conditions due to better steering opportunities. 

You must know before you choose the flared gravel handlebar. Flared handlebars mean more control as they are more expansive. It is an uncommon type of drop handlebar. The primary reason for using this design is to offer more stability and have more space in between your hands and bar. The wide range of advantages has slowly made flared drop bars on-road bike more common. 

So, before moving ahead, we will check in detail about the gravel handlebar. 

Why Are Gravel Bike Handlebars Flared

Are gravel bikes good on-road?

The most convincing reason is offering more stability and control. It is a blessing if you are more into off-road riding. To be simple, bikes with wider bars that flare out offer improved control than standard bicycles. 

Standard cycles are engineered for efficiency and speed. The increased width offers you the chance to encourage natural positions. You will be able to enjoy better leverage and stability while climbing. Flared gravel bars can offer more control and ensure convenient riding. 

Choosing flared handlebar is suggested due to its endless benefits. However, you must be aware of its width. So, we will find out more in the coming sections. 

Are flared handlebars better? 

Flared handlebars are essential as it provides more clearance to the rider’s forearms and wrists. It is significantly observed in the drop sections while riding on rough terrains. Sweep is one feature of flared bars present on all the cycles. Due to the features and comfort, flared bars are a great choice. The perfect balance of control and aerodynamic gains makes this a perfect choice. 

It would be best to have proper measurement when you are looking forward to installing. Even an inch of difference can impact its stability. So, you need to know the way to measure flared drop bars gravel

Measuring Flared Drop Bars

Flared drop bars are mainly used for defining the most significant features. The flare is the feature that differentiates them from the other traditional road bars. In technical terms, flare is the angle where the bottom remains flared outward. This dramatic angle offers a differentiating look to the entire bike. On the contrary, you will find zero degrees of flare in traditional handlebars. 

Bar width: The width of drop bars refers to their broadness from hood to hood. It might have slight variation, mainly at the top of the bend. Manufacturers of these handlebars might specify full width, but you need to pay attention to the hoods while comparing. You need to check the width from one end of the hood to another. 

Facts about Gravel Handlebars That You Must Know

  • Gravel handlebars are not suitable for non-competitive rides: 

If you don’t wish to take part in any competition, gravel handlebars might be a good choice. These handlebars are great for touring, bike packing, and long rides. These rides are not about speed but about the experience that makes the handlebar a great choice. 

While you move down the gravel hill, you will not pay attention to speed. It is about the entire experience that you focus on. It does not matter whether you win or not in such rides. Riders are primarily about enjoying the moment. These gravel bars can add so much to the experience. 

  • Gravel handlebars are about stability and comfort: 

The wider handlebars that have flares offer more stability and comfort to the bike. Riding on such a bike requires you to keep your arms and shoulders open. This is a lot different from the traditional handlebars, where arms stay closer. The effect of his bar is due to the design and width. This is much more comfortable for longer rides, especially on gravel terrain. 

The concept of such a handlebar was an attempt to offer fun. The use of wide handlebars offers more control and stability. It is the wider handlebars that ensure smooth handling. Keeping elbows out is a stable way where your elbows remain close to your body. The stability increases to a definite extent when a flare is added to it. 

  • Wider bars means more control: 

Widening can have many positive impacts keeping in mind the degree of width you want to keep. Going over or less can result in impacting its advantages. A lot depends on the bike setup and rider. Whether it is an MTB or regular bike, widening increases the reach. It means riders have to reach further with wider bars. 

Remember that improving your reach might help, but it would not impact your stance. It might cause stress when you choose a much wider handlebar. Choosing to ride on such bikes to a longer distance can create tiredness. Thus, it is advised to consider the endurance and upper body strength while choosing such handlebars. You can also choose the narrow flared drop bars with lesser width. 

Which handlebar is best for the cycle? 

Now that you have got some details of flared gravel bike handlebar, we will come down to some basics. You must check thoroughly if you want to enjoy the off-road experience. Considering these following things can help make the right choice of gravel bike handlebars. So, follow these things while considering a gravel handlebar. 

  • Comfort: You should be sure about comfort while choosing the flared gravel handlebar. The increased width will need more strength on your upper body. Only when you are sure you can go ahead as otherwise, can it become stressful. 
  • Leverage: As Archimedes once said, a large lever keeps you moving. Wider handlebars mean you get more leverage. Lever only starts performing when the rider is pulling or pushing the lever. In wider handlebars, you lose leverage as you have your arms spread. So, knowing your comfort is a must while deciding the width. 
  • Reach: You need to make sure that the handlebar reach is easy for you. It might become a hassle for some riders if the room in between is broader. Thus, ensure checking the reach to handlebars from the seat while choosing a bike.
Gravel bike handlebars

Why Are Gravel Bike Handlebars Flared Summary

Off-road riding is about the experience. Speed is not something that you are looking for. So, choosing a flared gravel handlebar is a great choice. The stability and comfort add to your excitement. 

However, you have to be specific, as one-size-fits-all is not a phrase while choosing handlebars. You need to check the width and reach to ensure that the flared gravel handlebar allows you to have fun throughout.

You can find options for the best flared drop bars in the market. However, measurement is critical to make sure that you are choosing correctly. 

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