Can You Do A Triathlon On A Gravel Bike?

In the last decade, gravel bikes have quickly gained popularity thanks to the versatility it gives to cyclists. A gravel bike can be many things if you get the right wheelset for it. But could you use it for a triathlon? Can you do a triathlon on a gravel bike? Although many triathletes would only … Read more

How to Remove Bike Grease from Clothes? 5 Tried-and-tested Ways

Lubricating a bike chain results in a smoothly-riding bike and grease stains all over your clothes! It especially happens when you use wet grease and then pedal the bike.  How to remove bike grease from clothes? To remove bike stains from your clothes, sprinkle some corn-starch with some baby clothes washing powder over the stain, … Read more

Quick Answer: How Long Does It Take To Bike 11 Miles?

When traveling any distance by bicycle, especially a long distance, the time it takes is entirely relative to your own capabilities. This means that there is no real definitive way to determine how long it will take you to travel 11 miles. However, this being said, it is possible to speculate how long it may … Read more