How Much Faster Is A Road Bike Than A Mountain Bike?

Most commonly, road bikes are 20% faster than mountain bikes. Road bikes will become 1minutes and 20 seconds faster on average compared to mountain bikes over a mile. So while mountain bikes take 6 minutes to ride a mile, road bikes will cover a similar distance in 4 minutes and 40 seconds.  The most common … Read more

How Do You Carry Your Phone While Cycling? (6 Best Ways)

With so many bike computers and smartwatches available, it is almost redundant to carry your mobile phone around when you are cycling. However, your mobile device needs to be in range when you want your smartwatch to work. Understanding how do you carry your phone while cycling can be uncomfortable, but we aim to show … Read more

Can You Ride a Bike With a Broken Spoke?

Broken spokes on your mountain bike can make many cyclists believe their ride is ruined and they will be hiking back to their car. But, it is not how it works. Can You Ride a Bike With a Broken Spoke? Fortunately, yes you can ride your mountain bike with a broken spoke or multiple broken … Read more

Can Hybrid Bikes Go On Mountain Bike Trails?

Do you want to know can hybrid bikes go on mountain bike trails? The answer is most hybrid bicycles have a design to handle mild off-roading. Like gravel paths and maintained dirt trails are easy for hybrid bikes. Some bikes have a wide range of gears and board tires which is a demand for trails. … Read more

Can I Fit A Mountain Bike In My Car? 4 TOP Options

People traveling from one place to the other need to take their bikes. No denying that your car won’t be a great partner everywhere. So, having your mountain bike in your car will make it possible for you to keep exploring. However, one of the biggest questions that users generally have is how to transport … Read more

How Often Should I Clean My Mountain Bike? 

Mountain bikes are very common among riders. However, keeping up its performance needs proper cleaning. It is advisable to perform a quick and thorough cleaning after every ride. Regardless of the road condition and climate, washing after every ride preserves the bike’s condition. So, pay utmost attention to the parts and ensure proper cleaning after … Read more