How to Remove Handlebar Grips Without Destroying Them – 3 Easy and Helpful Ways!

Regardless of the type of biker you are, you will spend some time removing and installing different bike parts. As long as you use the right tools, the process may seem easier for you. However, things are not the same when it comes to handlebar grips. Even if you are using high-quality push-on handlebar grips, it can be challenging to take them off for a replacement. So, most bikers often prefer cutting them off to put on a new pair of grips. 

How to Remove Handlebar Grips Without Destroying Them?

You can remove the grips from handlebars without damaging them with the same methods you used to install the handlebar grips. You have to use compressed air, lubricants, and determination and patience to remove the grips rather than cutting them off. 

If you are interested in removing the handlebar grips without cutting or damaging them, explore the below-mentioned options to know which is best for your situation and how you can achieve the best results without damaging the grips.  

How to Remove Handlebar Grips Without Destroying Them

How to Remove Handlebar Grips without Destroying Them? 

It is very challenging to remove the handlebar grips carefully without destroying them, and there are several methods available that can help you get the job done successfully.  

Below are some great methods to help you get the handlebar grips off without cutting or destroying them. 

How To Remove Handlebar Grips Using Compressed Air 

Removing handlebar grips using compressed air is an effective method for dry-fitted grips. You will require an air compressor with an air blower nozzle and hose to remove the dry-fitted handlebar grips.  

Peel Back Grip  

You are required to make a small gap between the handlebar and grip to accommodate the nozzle of the air blower.  

Use a screwdriver to make the small gap.  

Remove Handlebar Grip by Blowing Air 

Hold the handlebar grip with one hand and blow air inside with the other hand. The compressed air expands the grip, creating cushioning effects of air within the grip, making removing the grip easier.  

Remove Grip by Blowing Air from Holes at Grip’s End 

You will always see a small hole at the end of the handlebar grips. These holes are made to make installation and removal easier. So, use these holes to remove the handlebar grips without destroying them.

  • Cover one hole using duct tape because it may leak from the other end when blowing air. So, covering one end of the handlebar is necessary to create vacuum pressure. 
  • Apply compressed air from the hold of one grip and keep rotating the grip. 
  • As you apply compressed air, the handlebar grip will gradually get loose, and you can easily pull it outwards.   

These steps work great for most of the handlebar grips but not for the ones that are glued solid. If you struggle with the glued handlebar grips or don’t have access to compressed air, you must use the other methods to remove the handlebar grips without destroying them. 

remove handlebars grips

How to Remove Handlebar Grips with Screwdriver and Solvent? 

If your bike’s handlebar grips are fitted with an adhesive like spray paint or glue, you need to break the glue before removing the grips safely without destroying them.  

You must use solvent as it dissolves the adhesive and also acts as a lubricant, making it easier to slide the grip off the handlebar. 

  • Take a flat object to meddle the solvent between the grip and handlebar. A screwdriver is the best choice for it. Make a small gap to allow the solvent to enter between the grip and handlebar.
  • Place the bike in a leaning position to easily pour the solvent. 
  • Pour the solvent in the gap, and as you proceed, work the screwdriver towards the end of the grip so that more solvent can be poured easily inside the grip. 
  • Now gradually rotate the grip as you work the screwdriver. Twist the grip from both sides repeatedly to allow the solvent to break the adhesive properly. 
  • Once the grip starts to twist freely, pull out the grip carefully without destroying it.  

Depending on the glue used in fastening the handlebar grips, you have to try heating them using a hairdryer. The heating process will make the glue lose faster and get less adhesive. But, it needs to be done carefully before pouring solvent between the handlebar and grips. After pouring the solvent, heating the handlebar grips may cause severe damage to the grips, making them completely useless in the future.  

How to Remove Handlebar Grips Using Solvent and Kitchen Syringe? 

If your bike’s grips are strongly fastened to the handlebar, you will find it difficult to pour the solvent between the handlebar and grips using a screwdriver. So, in such a case, you must use a marinade injector and basting syringe to pour the solvent. You will find these syringes in the kitchen supply store. These syringes are like the golfing syringes used to remove the rubber grips from clubs. 

  • Fill the syringe with solvent or the fluid to break the adhesive
  • Now you need to insert the needle at the end of the handlebar grip between the handlebar and grip      
  • Spew required amount of solvent inside the handlebar grips
  • After squirting the solvent, remove the syringe and start twisting the grip in a twist-and-pull motion
  • If required, you may add more solvent in different places between the grip and handlebar to lose them  
  • Once it gets free, you have to pull them off the handlebar  

It is the most effective method to remove the glued handlebar grips without destroying them.  


Hopefully, the guide has made it clear that removing the handlebar grips without destroying them is simple and easy, especially when you have access to the right tools and removal methods.  

In fact, with a couple of household items, knowledge, and patience, one can easily remove the handlebar grips without damaging or destroying them completely.  

If you think removing the handlebar grips is impossible for you, it is better to take your bike to the service center to get the handlebar grips off your bike without destroying them. 

The expert technicians at the service center can help you remove the grips safely using the right tools and skills and prevent possible damages.

Good Luck with either method you use to remove the handlebar grips without destroying them, and safe riding!

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