How to Stop Bike Handlebar Grips from Slipping – The Easy, and Effective Remedies! 

Being a veteran biker, you know how challenging and vacillating your bike can get at times. There are many problem areas in your bike, of which the common area for many bikers is the handlebar grip. Regardless of how old the handlebar grip is and its type, it can get slippery with time. Many underlying factors make the grips slippery. Fortunately, some measures can help prevent it, and it is very easy to remedy slippery handlebar grips.   

How to Stop Bike Handlebar Grips from Slipping?

You can stop your handlebar grip from slipping out by using adhesive to secure them, cleaning the handlebar properly, using zip ties to tighten them, or switching to lock-in grips. Some methods work better than others.   

Since there are different methods to prevent slippery handlebar grips, find the best methods that fit your need. Below you will find the different methods in full detail that can help you learn how to stop bike handlebar grips from slipping.  

How to Stop Bike Handlebar Grips from Slipping

Knowing the Handlebar Grips! 

Before you learn how to troubleshoot the slippery Handlebar Grips, it is important to learn how it works. There are two different types of Handlebar Grips available in the market. 


These are the Handlebar Grips that are very common amongst bikers. The grips are designed to slide on the handlebars with the help of lubricants. It secures on the handlebars with the tawdry substances used for designing them. 


Lock-on Handlebar Grips are very secure, and they are fastened to the handlebar using nuts and bolts. It comprises a plastic or rubberized core inside that tightens securely around the handlebar, and it is fastened using nuts and bolts at the ends.    

handlebars grips with lock

So, depending on the Handlebar Grips you are using, you need to choose the right methods to prevent it from slipping out while riding.  

How to Stop Bike Handlebar Grips from Slipping or Twisting? 

As mentioned earlier, many underlying factors make the Handlebar Grips slip and move while riding. But, the remedy to stop it from happening is relatively easy. Below are the four common tricks on How to Stop Bike Handlebar Grips from Slipping or Twisting.  

Cleaning Them

With a good cleaning of the Handlebar Grips, you can stop them from slipping out. When your Handlebar Grips get dirty or accumulate greases with time, it starts slipping out.  

If your Handlebar Grips are in good shape and condition, give them a good clean using a degreasing solution. Ensure to give some time to clean the handlebars and remove residues before installing them back. 

Tie with Zip-Tie     

If the Handlebar Grips are still slipping out after cleaning, you must tie them securely and tightly using a zip-tie. It is the best solution to stop the Handlebar Grips from slipping, especially if you are using slide-on grips. It will tightly secure the Handlebar Grips and prevent them from slipping or moving.  

Secure Handlebar Grips using Adhesive  

The adhesive must be used only when you are sure that your Handlebar Grips are properly clean and in position. The adhesive is the best solution to prevent the Handlebar Grips from slipping. But it is only effective for the slide-on grips and not for the lock-on grips.  

You can also use dissolvable glue to secure them tightly and prevent them from slipping in the future.  

Switch to Lock-on Grips 

Finally, if you are still struggling with slippery Handlebar Grips and none of the above methods work for you, switch to lock-on Handlebar Grips. These grips are best and offer a stiffer feel. It secures tightly on the handlebar using a plastic core and dual end caps with adjustable pensioners. 

Bikers can secure them tightly as per their preferences and needs.  

Why Bike Handlebar Grips Slip or Move? 

As mentioned earlier, many common reasons cause the Handlebar Grips to slip or move. Let us know some of the underlying causes of slippery Handlebar Grips. 

  • Dirt – No matter how you park or ride your bike, it accumulates grime and dirt between handlebars and grips. The grime and dirt work as a barrier between the grips and handlebars, preventing the grips from properly securing on the handlebars. So, when there is enough grime and dirt, it will prevent the grip from wrapping and securing around the handlebar, making it slippery. 
  • Wet Conditions – When you ride your bike in wet conditions, the Handlebar Grips tend to slip when it gets too wet. The water and moisture damage your grip’s adhesive properties, making them slippery. 
  • Greases – Greases under the Handlebar Grips are common, and it causes the grips to move and slip out. 
  • Loose Grips – When your Handlebar Grips get loose or worn out, it starts slipping. It occurs when you push the grips beyond their limits, and to prevent it, you need to replace them. 

How to Prevent Slippery Handlebar Grips? 

No Handlebar Grips are fail-proof as they tend to slip out with time, regardless of how securely it is installed. But, with little knowledge, one can prevent their bike Handlebar Grips from slipping.  

installation of handlebars griper

Ensure Proper Installation 

The best method to prevent the Handlebar Grips from slipping is by ensuring that it is installed properly. For the slide-on grips, ensure that they are positioned perfectly and installed without contaminants. For the lock-on grips, you have to ensure that it is positioned perfectly and fastened with the right amount of pressure.  

Clean Them Regularly 

Cleaning the Handlebar Grips regularly can prevent them from slipping or moving while riding. Grime and dirt accumulation can slip the grips and damage the adhesive properties. So, keep the Handlebar and grip clean always.  

Avoid Damaging  

You must prevent the Handlebar Grips from damaging because it makes them slippery. It will lose functionality when they are damaged. Grips are designed to securely wrap around the handlebars, and extreme pressure on the grips can cause damage. So, if you see any damages, replace it immediately to prevent it from slipping.     

How to Stop Bike Handlebar Gripa from Slipping Conclusion 

Hopefully, it is clear that many underlying causes can make Handlebar Grips slippery. Fortunately, some effective solutions and remedies can help bikers prevent it from happening. 

From upgrading to lock-on grips to using adhesive and cleaning the grips, there are many ways to deal with the slipping Handlebar Grips. But, you must ensure using the above tips to prevent it from happening.

If you still have slippery Handlebar Grips, use the above tips on Stopping Bike Handlebar Grips from Slipping and enjoy safe riding.

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