How to Remove Bike Grease from Clothes? 5 Tried-and-tested Ways

Lubricating a bike chain results in a smoothly-riding bike and grease stains all over your clothes! It especially happens when you use wet grease and then pedal the bike. 

How to remove bike grease from clothes? To remove bike stains from your clothes, sprinkle some corn-starch with some baby clothes washing powder over the stain, and rub the mix gently with a few drops of water. Let the mix sit on the stain, and then rinse it with water.

What if I don’t have corn-starch available? Well, there are plenty of other ways as well that you can use to make the clothes spick and span. Here in this article, you’ll find everything related to how to get rid of bike grease stains. 

How to Remove Bike Grease from Clothes

5 Ways to Remove Bike Grease from Clothes: I’ve Personally Used Them 

I love biking, and grease stains on my clothes are a part of the biking regimen. However, you cannot simply toss the soiled clothes in the washing machine, as the grease might spread all over the other clothes as well.

Below I’ve listed five ways, so if one does not work, you can try out another. Let’s get started.

1. Use Dishwashing Liquid: The Easiest Way 

Dishwashing liquid is something we all have available inside the house, so you can use it to get rid of those stubborn grease stains. Furthermore, the best part about using these cleaning liquids is that your clothes smell fresh. 

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  • Take the dirty cloth, and pour some dishwashing liquid on it. (I recommend using Dawn Ultra Dishwashing Liquid Dish Soap, as it has grease-cleaning powder and doesn’t require a lot of scrubbing). 
  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush, and rub the liquid over the stain in circular motions. Be gentle so that the fabric doesn’t get damaged due to scrubbing.
  • Add more liquid if required, or when you see the stain diminishing 
  • Next, put the clothes in a bucket with lukewarm water and detergent. 
  • Hang till dry.

An Important Note: This hack only works for fresh stains and not on older and stubborn grease stains that have dried. 

2. Use White Vinegar: The Eco-friendly Way 

If you don’t want to include any chemicals, white vinegar will help you clean the stain. All you need is a cup of white vinegar and some water. 


  • Pour some white vinegar over the stain, and let it sit for some time. 
  • Now rub the stain gently, and dampen it with water if required. 
  • Once the stain loses its place, put the clothes in the washing machine, and wash on a warm cycle.

3. Use Baking Soda: Ideal for Stubborn Stains 

Stubborn stains cannot be cleaned using dishwashing liquid vinegar, so you should use some baking soda. The science behind baking soda is that it penetrates inside the stain and lifts it from the root.

Let me set the right expectations, cleaning grease stains with baking soda requires patience and some time. Below are the steps and some items you need to clean the grease stains.

Items You Need 

  • A mild shampoo 
  • Soft-bristle toothbrush 
  • A bucket full of lukewarm water 


  • Put a pea-sized drop over the stain, and rub it with a toothbrush.
  • Now, add a sprinkle of baking soda and keep rubbing the stain with the brush.
  • Once the stain gets off, put the clothes in the bucket, and wash with some detergent.

4. Use Borax: Another Effective Way 

A lot of bikers often ask me how to remove bike grease from clothes using Borax! Well, cleaning the stains with Borax is similar to cleaning it with baking soda, but you need to be more careful with Borax.

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  • Take a bowl and add some Borax powder to it. Now squeeze a lemon on the powder, and create a thick paste.
  • Apply the paste over the stain, and scrub it gently with a toothbrush.
  • Wash the clothes in a machine on a warm cycle. 

5. Use baby Powder: For Mild and Fresh Stains 

If you see grease stains right after lubricating the bike chain, one thing you need to rush for is baby powder. Baby powder prevents the grease from establishing a stain over the fabric, and you can clean it quickly. 

You can use any baby powder, but if you are looking to buy one, I recommend Burt’s Bees Hypoallergenic Dusting Powder


  • Dust the powder over the stain, and spread it evenly with your finger, coating the entire grease spot.
  • Take a soft-bristle toothbrush and then rub it over the stain. Next, let the powder sit for some time so that it stops the grease from penetrating inside the fabric. 
  • Wash the cloth in cold water, and inspect the stain. 

Tips to Prevent Your Clothes from Catching Grease Stains 

You should prevent grease stains in the first place if you want to avert following these steps. I’ve been biking for many years and have come across some helpful tips that help you prevent these stains.

Wear an Apron When Lubricating the Bike Chain 

Whenever the chain asks for lubricating, it’s time to bring out the apron from the garage. If you don’t have one, go for QeeLink Leather Workshop Apron since it’s entirely leather, comfortable to wear, and has multiple pockets. 

Install a Chain Guard 

Chain guards aren’t just beneficial for the chain, but they also protect your pants from stains. So invest in a good-quality chain guard that doesn’t let your pants get inside the chain. Below is a video on how to install a chain guard on a bike

Use Dry Lube 

Wet lube is popular for leaving stains on your clothes, so you can use dry lube to at least get fewer stains. Well, this is the only solution if you don’t have any chain guard or apron to use, but you want to enjoy biking. In this case, you can wear an old pair of pants that you don’t care about.

Keep the Chain Clean 

Another tip to avoid catching stains is keeping the chain clean. First, wash the chain using a good-quality shampoo, and then lubricate it properly. Also, get rid of dust and debris so your [ants remain clean while you bike.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the fastest way to get grease out of clothes?

The fastest way to clean bike stains from the clothes is by using baking soda. Add a few drops of lemon juice to baking soda powder, and apply this thick paste over the stain. 

Does WD40 remove grease stains from clothes?

Yes, Wd-40 can help you remove grease stains from clothes. Simply spray the solution over the grease stain, and let it sit for 4-5 minutes. There’s no need to rub the solution, as it works effectively. Then, wash the clothes in a washing machine on a warm cycle, and you are good to go.

Can you use Coke to remove grease stains from pants?

I know some people that say Coke has grease-busting properties, but I haven’t tried it yet. However, they say that it can clean the grease stain effectively. But only when the stain is fresh. First, pour coke on the stain and leave it for some time. Next, wash it in a bucket full of warm water. 

One thing you should be sure of before using Coke is the sugar it contains. Coke is not ideal for every fabric, so make sure to check the cloth’s care instructions. 

How do I clean dried grease stains?

Cleaning dried grease stains is hard but not impossible, and you can again make the cloth clean. Take the cloth, and add a pinch of baking soda over the stain. Next, squeeze a lemon over it, and rub it gently. 

The granules of baking soda break down the stain and help remove it, while the lemon juice helps protect the fabric. Once done, toss the cloth in the washing machine, and it’s done. 

Does cleaning grease with vinegar damage the fabric?

No, vinegar does not damage most types of fabrics and is ideal for cleaning grease stains. However, there are some fabrics that you cannot use white vinegar on. The only way to figure it out is by checking the care instructions mentioned on the cloth.

Final Thoughts 

Now there is no need to wonder how to remove grease from clothes, as you have got several ways to get rid of it. Be it your pants or t-shirt, you can quickly clean the grease and its stains without spending money on the laundry service.

The only thing I want to add here is to clean the stain quickly as you see it and follow the tips I’ve listed in this article to avoid them in the first place. 

So, stop worrying about stains, and have an amazing time riding your favorite bike.

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