How To Make Bike Handlebars More Comfortable?

Cycling is all about adventure. But chances are there that it would not be thoroughly pleasurable. Unless you know how to make bike handlebars more comfortable, it can add challenges to your trails. You need to ensure comfort while riding to enjoy our adventurous ride. Until you make some adjustments in your cycle, it might cause pain. 

How to Make Bike Handlebars More Comfortable?

To make your bike more comfortable, you have to make a lot of adjustments. You need to start by checking the handlebar’s reach and its height, saddle height, trying a range of saddles, checking the saddle position, and much more. These are the individual changes in the bicycles that you need to make. You can also choose to buy a new bike but make sure about your needs. 

So to make sure that you can enjoy your ride, let us check some details. It will offer you an improved cycling experience. 

How To Make Bike Handlebars More Comfortable

Check the Reach

The first thing is to get the right reach. How to measure the reach? It is the distance from the bottom bracket to the handlebars. When your cycle has the right reach, you can ride comfortably. If you have a short torso compared to average, stretching far to reach your handlebars can cause pain. You can experience pain in your back, shoulders, and neck. 

bike reach for more comfort

So if you want to know how to get comfortable riding a bike, you first have to check the reach. Comfortable reach is equivalent to a comfortable ride. 

Check the Handlebar Height

It is just as essential as the reach of the cycle is. Similar to your reach from the saddle, you have to ensure the height of the handlebar. After buying a new bike with a good drop from its saddle to the bars, it might be tempting you. The look can be intriguing, but the issues can be higher than your imagination. Especially if you are someone who regularly goes for longer trails, it can be a wrong choice. 

Are Higher Handlebars More Comfortable on Bikes? 

Yes! If your body does not have much flexibility, lower handlebars can cause a lot of pressure. Experiencing pain in the lower back and hamstring is common. Thus, raising the handlebars to a few centimeters can make a massive difference in comfort. You will be able to ride comfortably for a longer time. It is mainly recommended to riders who spend most of their time riding. 

Try Different Saddles

Different bike Saddles

Are you experiencing pain in the sensitive areas after a long ride? If yes, then the chances are that your saddle and undercarriage are not suitable matches. When you buy the cycle, the tempting saddle might convince you. However, once you start riding, you will find it not anatomically apt for your needs. 

How can I make my Cycling Seat more Comfortable? 

The simple answer is trying different saddles. You will find many bike shops and brands that allow you to make trails. Therefore, you will be able to try different types of saddles and find the best match. Some brands would take measurements and then include the saddle. It will ultimately reduce the chances of experiencing pain while riding. 

Check the Saddle Height

How to make a bicycle seat more comfortable? Now that you have chosen the right saddle, you need to adjust the height. No wonder it is not about adding to your expense; you need time for adjustment. You might have chosen the right saddle; positing it is again crucial for a comfortable ride.

  • If your saddle is higher, it can result in IT band syndrome. It is responsible for 15% of knee pain among cyclists. 
  • If your saddle is low, you are likely to cause injuries as it can compromise pedaling efficiency. 

Should the Saddle be higher than the Handlebars? 

If you are a sporty rider, you can keep it a little higher. However, if you want to ensure comfort, you have to ensure that the handlebar’s top is similar to the saddle. Depending on the pedal system, flexibility, and shoes, you can make minor tweaks to the saddle height. So, you have to make adjustments depending on your ride. 

Check the Saddle Angle 

If you want to know how to get comfortable riding a bike, saddle angle is another vital aspect. The last way of dealing with pain in your sensitive parts is to ensure a correct saddle tilt. It is primarily for people who spend more time riding in a less aggressive position. The numbness that you feel can be checked by a little bit of adjustment. 

You can lower the saddle nose to a few degrees. Making these adjustments can result in relieving huge pain in your sensitive areas. However, there is a downside to this. It also means that less weight can be placed on the saddle and slack needs to be taken up. 

In case you are not feeling comfortable, you can also keep adjusting until you have achieved the comfort. 

Check the Cleat Position

The connection between the pedals and the feet is essential. While riding, you need to turn your pedals infinite times. So, if the cleats are not correctly set, it means that your foot and pedal are in the wrong position. If you ignore it, it can result in hip, knee, and ankle pain. 

If you want to know the correct positioning, you have to position cleats with the ball of the foot. Later, while you go along and experience discomfort, you can adjust it. Most of the cleats and pedals have some degrees of float. It enables your foot to move while pedaling. 

Use Double Wrap Tape 

If you are more into longer rides on rugged terrains, you would want to know this. It will offer you the answer to how to get comfortable riding a bike. You first need to keep your hand and wrists free from pain. 

The best way to ensure a pain-free ride is to wrap double layers of tape on the handlebars. You can easily do this at home. It can reduce the vibrations that happen on rough roads. 

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Reduce the Tire Pressure

Keeping the tire pressure low can be beneficial in reducing the effects while riding on rough terrains. It can be an excellent trick for cycles with wide tires. You have to make sure that you don’t put optimum pressure on the tires. It will help you feel less rough and ensure more comfort while riding. 

Fit a Mudguard

Even when this is not associated with relieving pain, it ensures a comfortable ride. Since you will face different road conditions, a mudguard can safeguard you from spoiling your shoes. It is even great for other riders who are riding with you. 

Which bike Handlebar is more comfortable? 

You can find a massive variety of handlebars available. However, depending on your rides and needs, you need to choose a handlebar. You can check the link of the top comfortable handlebar available on Amazon.

Hopefully, this will help you to enjoy the ride without experiencing any pain. 


Now that you know how to make bike handlebars more comfortable, it might become easier. All you need to keep in mind while buying a new cycle is to ensure everything that is mentioned above. When it comes to ensuring the comfort of the handlebar, the saddle height, angle, handlebar reach and height, and other things should be considered. 

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