3 Great Solution How to Deflate a Bike Tire for All Types of Valve

If you are a cyclist, you need to know how to deflate a bike tire. Situations might show up where you have to take action. When looking for an answer, you must understand that deflating bike tires depends on the bike’s type of valve. You must know that there are three different types of bike valves. Every bike valve requires a different process of deflation. 

The three most common types of valves are Presta, Schrader, and wood. Every valve would need you to know about the process of deflating. We will find out the steps of deflating to help you take the proper steps. So here we will find out in detail to let you deflate your bike tire by yourself. This will also help you to get rid of an adverse scenario. 

If you are a cyclist, you have to pump the tires more than once a month. However, hardly a few have gone through a situation requiring deflating bike tires. However, this does not necessarily mean that you would never face such a situation. Thus, having knowledge about how to deflate bike tires can be valuable for such times. 

So, to your questions about how to deflate a bike tire, we will look into the following. Now that you have known that different valves would need other processes, you must be looking for answers. Thus let us check out how to deflate bike tires depending on the valves. 

How to Deflate a Bike Tire

When Do You Need To Deflate Bike Tire? 

There can be different times and reasons when you need to deflate your bike tire. For the most known reasons, over-pumping is a common one. Every tire comes with a pressure capacity, which the cyclist must know. 

When someone goes beyond the given limit, it can become dangerous. No doubt that hard tires offer reduced rolling resistance and require less pedaling. However, this does not necessarily mean that you should go over the limit. 

In summers, hot weather can have a direct impact on tire pressure. Apart from over-pumping, there can be other reasons. 

  • When you wish to change the outer or inner tire to a different brand 
  • Removal of wheels without making any difference to V brakes 
  • Easy bike transportation to events

No denying that there are several other reasons, but now we will check out how to deflate a tire bike.

How to deflate a bike tire?

By now, you know that different valves have different processes. So let us have a look into the way to deflate bike tires depending on the type of valve. 

Presta Valve: 

This is one of the most common types of valve that can be majorly witnessed in road bike tires. The only reason for using this valve is being able to take higher air pressure. 

When you have a bike consisting of a Presta valve, deflation has a different process. You can do it simply by undoing a small ring that is present on the valve top. 

When you successfully undo it, you have just to press it down. You need to apply minimal pressure on the valve, which will let the air out. You will find the tire with no air. 

One of the best things about a Presta valve is you will have complete control. This is only with this valve type that you can have control or air amount that you want to put out. Thus, don’t get scared when you hear noise while pressing the valve. 

Schrader Valve: 

Schrader valve is considered an everyday kind of valve. If you have been handling cycles for a long time, you must have seen this previously. You will most commonly find the Schrader valve in the mountain bike tires. However, these are also used in car tires. 

A Schrader valve is a more significant kind that consists of a needle on it’s mid. So, when it comes to knowing how to deflate a bike tire with a Schrader valve, all you need is to press the needle. When you do it, you will witness air flowing out. 

People with more giant fingers might not be able to do it and find it tricky. It can be challenging for them to press the needle on this type of valve. 

You can also use pointy tools that will not damage the Schrader valve but can do the job. One of the most common examples is using a pen. 

Similar to the Presta valve, when you push longer, you get more air out. Thus, to your question about the way to deflate a bike tire with a Schrader valve, it is likely easier. 

Woods Valve: 

Woods Valve is another type of valve created especially for bicycles. Thus, this is again easier to find. Since this is a two-piece valve, the air starts when you move one of the pieces. Thereby, you don’t have control over the air pressure. 

On the bright side, this is the type of valve that can be easy to maintain. You will not need to apply much science to deflating bike tires. There is no pressing down of the top or needle in it. All you need is to remove the circle and pull the valve out.  

Thoughtful Overview of the Way to Deflate Bike Tire for Different Valves: 

Presta ValveSchrader ValveWoods Valve
Commonly Seen InRoad bikes Mountain bikesNormal bikes
Can you control air pressure? Yes, you can control air pressure. More accessible, but you cannot control the pressureYou cannot hold air pressure
How to deflate a bike tire?Pressing the small ring on the valveDepressing the pin Remove the circle and pull the valve out


When it comes to the way to deflate bike tires, understanding valve types is a necessity. When you know the different types of valves and the process, it becomes much easier for you to control. Make sure you are reading this to get better guidance about how to deflate a bike tire

Remember that you might need to make a couple of tries before becoming proficient. So this way you will be able to understand in detail. 

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