How to Convert Drop to Flat Handlebars?

Do you know how to convert drop to flat handlebars? There can be several reasons to change into flat handlebars. You might have your own reason, but one of the most common is the ease of control and comfort. There are chances when riders can feel uncomfortable. Thus, having a complete understanding of the way to convert can be valuable. 

Converting drop to flat handlebars is not hectic. You have to make sure that you choose the right parts. Make sure of their size and shape to maintain their performance. Most importantly you need to understand choosing quality materials will offer long-term benefits. 

It might be effortless when it is about changing. But if you don’t know, you can fall victim to parts compatibility. Thus, it is a good choice to know the process and the parts to make it smooth. 

So, we will mainly focus on the parts that you require for conversion. Additionally, we will give you some significant advice and tips on the way to choose. It will reduce the chances of facing many incompatibility issues. 

How to Convert Drop to Flat Handlebars

Are flat bar road bikes worth it? 

Yes. If you want to drive with confidence, this is a good choice. It can be even better for beginner cyclists. 

An Overview: 

  1. Measure the stem
  2. Select a handlebar
  3. Brake lever for flat handlebar
  4. Choose flat bar shifters
  5. Find the suitable handlebar grips
  6. Install

Measure The Stem: 

You need to follow an exact process for an easy and successful conversion,

When it is about your bike, you have to be sure about fitting the parts. Thus, even the smallest of changes can result in hampering its functionality. So you must measure properly before choosing. It can prevent any types of compatibility issues. 

You must first make sure that new handlebars can adequately fit within the stem clamp. 

Are you thinking about how to do that? The simplest way is to check the diameter of the handlebar that you are using. It can work as a reference while choosing a new one. 

You must change the stem with the wider clamp if the desired handlebar has a broader diameter. However, buying a combination of handlebars is a safe bet.

This can prevent the wrong measurement. You can choose the flat bar road bike conversion kit to make it easier.

Select a Handlebar: 

After you have taken proper measures of the handle, it is time to pick a new handlebar. 

You have to be very precise in your selection. You might go wrong as the flat handlebars are available in a range of designs, shapes, and materials. So, checking can be a great choice in the selection process. 

Remember that the prices might vary a lot from being reasonable to expensive. The cost of the flat handlebar is determined by its durability and material. Choosing quality ensures its durability. 

You should always give the utmost attention to choosing a handlebar. Even the slightest bit of difference can take away factors required for an easy ride. You might feel uncomfortable and have less control while riding. 

We have tried to include some of the critical points during selection. 

  • Two major factors of measurements include “Contact Point Diameter” and “Width.” 
  • Your “shoulder width” is the determination factor
  • The “Wheel Size” is another factor as well

Choosing the correct handlebar width can ease the riding and body comfort. Additionally, narrow bars can result in tricky maneuvering and other neck and shoulder issues. So keep this in mind while gathering the flat bar road bike conversion kit.

Besides, as mentioned earlier, handlebars are available in various types. The common materials are aluminum, while the lightweight choice can be carbon. Choosing lightweight materials can be a great choice to reduce the bike’s weight. 

Flat Handlebars with hand

Brake Levers for Flat Bar: 

When converting to flat handlebars, drop handlebar levers would not be a good choice. The drop handlebar lever would not fit or work. Thus, you need to find completely new brake levers. 

Flat handlebars brakes are available in hydraulic or mechanical. 

  • Hydraulic is one of the most commonly found choices in flat handlebars. It consists of a rotor braking system. Hence, you can mostly find them on the mountain or hybrid bikes. 

Keep this in your bucket while finding a flat bar road bike conversion kit.

You can use a cable braking system when it is about road bikes. Thus, you will need the braking levers first. The braking levers are available in various styles, designs, shapes, and materials. The price range also varies a lot depending on the materials and quality. 

Most commonly, the good levers are durable and comfortable to handle. So, it is inevitable for riders to research which works best for them. 

A Tip: So invest in quality levers that ensure safety, performance, and longevity. 

Look for Flat Bar Shifters:

It is similar to the old shifters and brakes. You have to change them to make them compatible with the flat handlebar. 

Most road bikes come with 2 or 3 chainrings combined with 7 to 10 speeds. Thus, you will have to look for two shifters—one for the left or front derailleur and another for the right or rear derailleur. 

There is a need for these new shifts to have compatibility with its existing system parts. This is more particular for the crankset and cassette. 

The right shifter must have the same number of speeds as that on its cassette. Keep this in mind while looking for a flat bar road bike conversion kit. 

For instance, when you have the triple chainrings with a 7-speed cassette, you need 9 right-speed shifters and 3 left-speed shifters. 

When you make the wrong choice, you might find it hard to use. You can find the crackling sound when pedaling, jumping, and chain shifting. It might lead to damage or breaking other components. 

bike on the street

Find the right handlebar grips: 

The drip in handlebars can significantly impact the gear shifting, braking control, and arm and hand positioning. When choosing the drop bar to flat bar conversion kit, you must keep this in the process. 

Drop handlebars are standard with different grips. However, you can choose quality grips to ensure comfortable use. Remember selecting proper grips can add control and comfort to your use. 

You will find quite a wide variety of grips available in the market. The designs, materials, and shapes are available in a range of choices. 


After gathering a flat bar road bike conversion kit, you can start with the installation process. In case you are not sure, choose professionals for installation. 

All you need is to make sure that you include the right parts in the right section. The size needs to be compatible and make sure of using quality materials. 

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What is the cost to convert drop bar to flat bar?

Now that you have got the information you need, you must be looking for the conversion price. Remember that durability is determined by quality. It will have an impact on the price. So, you can expect the price around $25 to $60. It can go higher to $120 as per your choice. 

Which is the best flat bar road bike conversion kit?

You will get a considerable number of options available in the market. Consider buying a Venzo Road Bicycle Bike Adapter Handlebar Flat Bar to Drop Bar Ends if you want to enjoy the ride. 

How to Convert Drop to Flat Handlebars Summary:

So now that you know how to convert drop to flat handlebars, hopefully, it can be simpler. Make sure that you are choosing the compatible parts to ensure an easy and comfortable ride.

We hope this guide was helpful for you to get ample knowledge of the flat bar road bike conversion kit.

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