How Long Does It Take to Bike 5 Miles? For Each Type Of Bike

If you are interested in cycling, you might be wondering how long it would take you to bike a specific distance. For this article, we have stuck to biking 5 miles and understanding how long such a bike ride would take you. Now, you can know how long it takes to bike a specific distance and integrate this into your routine planning

How long does it take to bike 5 miles? It varies according to your cycling speed, which, in turn, depends on your bike, your weight, and the terrain you’re riding on. If you’re riding on a smooth surface, you’ll bike 5 miles in 15–45 minutes. The lighter weight you’re carrying, the faster you’ll be, and the less time you’ll take.

Of course, rough terrains and mountains will take more time. You’ll also consume more time if your bike is heavier and if there’s wind around you. Here’s everything you need to know about the matter.

Rider Skill LevelBeginnerIntermediateAdvancedProfessional
Average Time To Bike 5 Miles30 minutes18 minutes and 45 seconds15 minutes12 minutes and 30 seconds
How Long Does It Take to Bike 5 Miles

How Long Does It Take to Bike 5 Miles If You’re a Beginner?

Beginner cyclists typically take more time cycling because they’re yet to optimize their riding position and speed. On top of that, they likely choose bikes made for beginners, which aren’t optimized for high speeds.

A beginner will ride 5 miles in 30–40 minutes on average. The duration can vary according to the cyclist’s stamina, the bike’s weight, and external factors. With enough practice, beginners can eventually minimize the period to around 15 minutes.

How Long Does It Take to Bike 5 Miles If You’re a Professional?

Professional cyclists are faster than beginners for a lot of reasons. For one, they know how to choose the right bike to achieve higher speeds, and they can optimize their riding positions to reduce drag. They also likely wear the right gear, and their stamina is high enough to handle long rides.

A professional cyclist will take around 15 minutes or less to bike 5 miles, depending on their average speed. The speed can vary according to the cyclist’s age; older riders are typically slower because they have lower stamina.

However, the elevation of the terrain could vary. If you are constantly pedaling uphill, you will rarely reach the 10 MPH level, even when you are a professional. On the other hand, going downhill would significantly reduce the time it takes to bike 5 miles. Even professionals need to keep the terrain in mind.

How Your Bike Type Affects the Duration It Takes to Bike 5 Miles

Different types of bikes have different speeds. So, if you’re riding a road bike, you’ll take less time than if you’re riding a mountain bike. There are a lot of types available, and the duration will vary accordingly. Here’s a brief overview of every bike type and how fast it is.

Road Bike

Road bikes are fast because they’re lightweight. They have narrow tires, which reduces the rolling resistance. In addition to that, they have high-pressure tires. 

They’re a common choice for riders who want to achieve high speeds riding on roads, hence the naming.

If you know your way around biking, you may take around 20 minutes to ride for five miles.

Mountain Bike

Mountain bikes are designed to traverse mountainous terrains. That’s why they have wide tires and bulky, heavy frames, and that’s why they’re also slower than other bike types. 

Hybrid Bike

To put it simply, a hybrid bike is half-road and half-mountain. It’s initially a road bike that’s suitable for riding on various terrains. It’s designed similarly to a road bike, but it has a flat handlebar instead of a drop bar. 

Flat handlebars account for better handling and more control, but they keep you riding in an upright position, so they increase drag. As the drag increases, the speed decreases. So hybrid bikes fall between road and mountain bikes on the speed scale.

Cruiser Bike

Cruiser bikes are primarily suitable for commuting. They operate in an old-fashioned style, and they have wide tires. They’re not the fastest out there because they’re not designed for long rides. Their speed may range from 15 to 18 mph.

Cyclocross Bike

Cyclocross bikes are made to tackle cyclocross terrains, which likely have steep slopes. That’s why these bikes are designed to minimize drag and gravity force. They’re among the fastest bike types, and they have drop bars like road bikes. They’re also lighter than mountain and hybrid bikes.

Drop bars allow you to optimize your riding position to reduce drag, thereby increasing your speed.

These bikes perform at their fastest on grassy tracks, and they tackle slopes and hills with ease. They can also ride on a variety of terrains. You can ride five miles in 15 minutes using one of these fellas.

bicycle with speedometer

How to Increase Your Average Bike Speed And Reduce The Time It Takes Biking 5 Miles

If you want to ride five miles faster than you’re currently doing, some tips may help you. For example, if you finish taking 30 minutes to cover a 5 mile ride, these tips can get you down to 15 minutes or less and improve your average bike speed.

Choose the Right Bike

The bike is the key to achieving the speeds you want. If you’re aiming at high speeds, go for road bikes, hybrid bikes, or cyclocross bikes. Mountain bikes are off the list, and cruiser bikes aren’t made for speedy rides.

Keep in mind that even though mountain bikes are not ideal for speed, they will work best in undulating terrains. You won’t cover 5 miles in 15 minutes with a mountain bike, but 5 miles would feel daunting on an off-road terrain when using a road bike

Decrease the Total Weight

The total weight is your own weight combined with the bike’s weight and any package you’re carrying. The more weight you’re carrying, the slower you’ll ride because there will be more resistance.

Optimize Your Riding Position

Optimizing your riding position can increase your cycling speed because it accounts for less drag. That’s why all professional and Olympic cyclists have specific positions. You’ll likely find them lowering their bodies and tucking their elbows in.

Doing so allows their frontal surface area to decrease, reducing drag and allowing for higher speeds.

Make Sure Your Tires Are Pumped Up

If your tires are getting flat, you may want to pump them up again before you go on your next ride. Pumping them up will increase your speed because it’ll decrease the rolling resistance.

If you’re not familiar with the rolling resistance, it’s the force of your tires as they deform against the ground. When the tires are pumped up, the friction is less, so you can achieve higher speeds.


So, how long does it take to bike 5 miles?

It may take 15–45 minutes, depending on your bike type, your weight, and the surrounding conditions. If you want to achieve a shorter duration of five miles, you can work on cutting drag and reducing the rolling resistance. You can also try to maintain a good riding position and keep your tires pumped up.

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