How Long Does It Take To Bike 3 Miles

How Long Does It Take To Bike 3 Miles? What Affect your Time?

You probably have decided to go to work on your bike, and you want to know how much time will it take for you to Bike three miles. Also, you may have set your health goals to ride three miles a day and want to get an idea about the time biking this distance can take. Whatever the cause may be, cycling is the best approach to get your body shape, achieve your health goals, or even use it as a fantastic mode of transportation to work.

Well, to your question, “How long does it take to bike 3 miles?” the exact answer is “It takes 12 to 15 minutes to cover a distance of three miles if you ride at a speed of 18 mph”. This time may increase or decrease depending on the expertise of the rider and certain other factors. This article will give an exact estimate of the distance you can cover according to different situations and factors.

Expertise Level of the Biker

The time required to cover a distance of three miles dramatically depends on the experience level of the biker. 

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  1. Beginner Biker

Let’s start with a person who has just shifted 3 miles from his workplace. He has a bike, but he has not ridden it for years. Now, he intends to buy a bike to go to his work. For such a rider, you can estimate that more time is required to cover these three miles.


Because the rider’s riding expertise is zero at the present moment, the maximum speed he can maintain on a flat road will be about 12 to 15 mph. 

With that speed, it will take the rider about 25 to 30 minutes to cover a distance of three miles.

However, people do suggest that beginners should not exceed 10 mph of speed.

  1. Athlete Biker

Similarly, consider the rider as an athlete who is already a runner in fantastic shape. Therefore, he can sustain a higher speed.

He can easily pedal at a 15 to 18 mph speed and even higher. It will take him around 12 to 15 minutes to bike 3 miles of distance at this speed.

  1. Professional Biker

We see that professional bikers can easily maintain 25 to 30 mph of speed on a flat road. 

Biking at a rate of 25 to 30 mph takes less than 8 minutes to cover a distance of three miles. 

These professional bikers have trained themselves regularly to ride at such high speeds.

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Other Variables affecting average time to Bike three miles

Other than the experience levels, there are a lot of different variables that affect your average speed and thus the average time to Bike three miles. Some of these variables are;

  1. Bike Type

The Bike on which you are riding makes a significant difference. For example, you will generally go faster on a road bike with drop handlebars and skinny tires. 

Compared to this, on mountain bikes designed for off-road riding or on a flat-bar hybrid bike with clumpy tires, you will have to compromise with the speed.

With a road bike, you can easily cover a distance of 3 miles quite earlier than a mountain or hybrid bike. 

  1. Terrain

The surface you ride on significantly impacts the time required to cover 3 miles. The surfaces may be flat roads, hills, or even downhills.

On a flat surface with a smooth road and no hurdles, rocks, or edgy maneuvers, you can easily ride at an average speed of 15 mph. It will take around 4 to 6 minutes to cover a distance of one mile.

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On the other hand, if you are riding on the hills, the steeper path will take you more time to cover three miles. Therefore, the time to cover three miles may also be doubled compared to the flat road.

On a downhill bike ride, it will take you less than 5 minutes to cover a distance of 3 miles. This is because, on a downhill track, the gravity makes your ride much faster. Similarly, the direction of the wind will also increase the downhill ride speed.

  1. Weather Conditions

Weather conditions dramatically affect the speed and ultimately the average time to Bike three miles. If the weather is windy, it may work in your favor by boosting the rate by the tailwind propelling you.

However, if you are riding against its direction, you will face problems in gaining your momentum and thus losing speed and increasing the time.

Similarly, rain makes the surface slippery and muddy. For safety purposes, you have to go slower on the Bike. This will increase the time to cover the distance of 3 miles.

Tips for covering 3 miles distance in a shorter time

Here are some of the most amazing tips that will upgrade your riding skills, allowing you to ride three miles distance in a much shorter amount of time;

  1. Pedal More

It is essential to know when to pedal and how much. Practicing pedaling more helps you feel confident on the Bike.

  1. Brake Less

Braking less comes into your riding habits when you get familiarized with the roads ahead. This habit is down to practicing on the roads and taking steps to improve your technique.

  1. Increasing Cadence

Cadence is the number of times you turn the pedals per minute. It is more about pedaling fast than paddling more. Practicing paddling more quickly will improve the speed of your ride.

  1. Using Bike’s gears more efficiently

If you are using gears poorly, the speed is badly affected. Similarly, more time you will take to ride a distance of 3 miles. Therefore, it is crucial to learn how to use your Bike’s gears to help you ride faster.

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Hopefully, you have known the exact and accurate answer to your question, “how long does it take to bike 3 miles?” 

We tried to give you an insight into what factors can affect the speed and ultimately time to cover a distance of 3 miles on your Bike.

We will love to hear your feedback as well.

Till then,

Happy Riding Riders

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