Quick Answer: How Long Does It Take To Bike 15 Miles?

Whether you are a fitness pro who has decided to start taking biking seriously or a beginner to improve your biking skills, you need to have an exact idea about the time biking a certain distance can take. It is essential to know the precise timing because you can easily adjust other tasks accordingly.

How long does it take to bike 15 miles: It takes about 75 minutes in the normal everyday ride to bike 15 miles if you ride at a speed of 16 mph. However, this time is shortened depending on many factors. 

These factors need to be discussed in detail. This way, you can better understand these factors and their effect on the time to bike a certain distance.

How Long Does It Take To Bike 15 Miles

Factors affecting time to Bike 15 miles

All those elements which have an impact on the speed and time to Bike 15 miles are well discussed here;

  1. Experience Level of the Rider
  2. Physical Fitness of the Rider
  3. Bike Type
  4. Environmental Conditions
  5. Terrain

Experience Level of the Rider

The time needed to cover a distance of fifteen miles dramatically hangs on the rider’s experience level.

Pro Riders

Experienced bikers have invested their time and money in developing their riding skills.

Their practices have enabled them to do low-speed U-turns, emergency braking, trail braking, counter-steering, and much more.

It takes time, effort, and practice to be a fast and quick rider.

We see that experienced bikers can easily keep 25 to 30 mph of speed on a flat road. 

Cycling at a speed of 25 to 30 mph takes less than 30 to 35 minutes to ride a distance of fifteen miles. 

However, this time is varied for a professional rider depending on the track he is riding on. 

For example, if he is taking a downhill ride, it will take him less than fifteen minutes to cover fifteen miles. 

Similarly, if he is riding on an uphill road, he will cover fifteen miles in less than 40 to 45 minutes due to his physical fitness and practice.

Now, if he is riding on a road with a lot more hurdles where the path is rocky and muddy, it may take him more than 35 minutes.

These professional bikers have readied themselves regularly to ride at such high speeds.

rider on the bike

Moderate Level Bikers

These bikers are generally great athletes or sport bikers. They take up or do the biking activity often and when needed. However, they do ride at certainly high speeds.

Therefore, considering the rider is already a runner in fantastic shape, we can say that he can easily pedal at a 15 to 18 mph speed and even higher.

Therefore, he can sustain a higher speed and complete a fifteen-mile distance much earlier than a regular cyclist.

Considering that, we can say that it will take him around 50 to 55 minutes to bike 3 miles of distance at 15 to 18 mph of speed.

Now, suppose you are a moderate-level cyclist and want to cover this distance in a shorter period than the one estimated above. You have to improve your expertise to a much greater level to do this. Practicing more and more will help you achieve this goal faster.

Beginner Biker

Let’s suppose a beginner biker has just thought of getting into the fantastic world of biking and wants to have an exact idea about the distances, time, and speed he will have to maintain.

He has got a fantastic bike for such an ambition. But, of course, you can estimate that he will require more time to cover these fifteen miles for such a rider.


Because the rider’s riding expertise is zero at the present moment, the maximum speed he can maintain on a flat road will be about 12 to 15 mph. 

With that speed, it will take the rider about 75 to 90 minutes to cover a distance of fifteen miles.

However, people suggest that beginners should not exceed 10 mph of speed. And with that speed, time extends more (between 85 to 105 minutes) to cover fifteen miles.

Physical Fitness of the Rider 

The time needed to cover a distance of fifteen miles also depends upon the rider’s physical fitness. Physical fitness varies in people of different ages. 

For example, a 22-year young person will have more strength, energy, and ambition with his biking goals than a 55-year senior person.

The speed that the two groups’ ride on also varies. This will undoubtedly affect the time to cover a distance of fifteen miles.

The younger group has more energy and comprehensive options to increase the speed to shorten the time. In comparison, the older group has to be a little careful. They often seek out bike rails to get the most of this activity in a safe environment.

Bike Type

The Bike on which you are riding makes a substantial disparity when it comes to covering a certain distance. Let’s have a comparison of three types of bikes and how they affect the speed and thus time to cover fifteen miles;

  • Road Bikes 
  • Mountain Bikes
  • Hybrid Bike

Road Bike

You will generally go faster on a road bike than any other bike type. Also, with drop handlebars and skinny tires, it gets comfortable for the bikers to bike such a distance in a shorter time.

road biker

Mountain Bike

Compared to road bikes, mountain bikes are designed for off-road riding. Mountain bikes will help you cover fifteen miles in areas where the track is rough only. 

However, on a flat road, you have to struggle with many things with this Bike. This will ultimately result in more time and effort to Bike fifteen miles.

Hybrid Bike

However, on a flat-bar hybrid bike with clumpy tires, you will have to compromise with the speed.

So, we can say that with a road bike, you can easily cover a distance of fifteen miles quite earlier than a mountain or a hybrid bike. 

Environmental Conditions

Various environmental conditions affect the speed and eventually the average time to Bike fifteen miles. 


If the weather is windy, it may work in your favor by boosting the speed. The wind increases the speed of your Bike as the tailwind propels you. This way, you will not need to put extra effort into paddling. Instead, the wind will propel you forward on its own.

However, if you are riding against the direction of the wind, you will face problems in gaining momentum. This will result in you losing speed and thus increasing the time.


Similarly, rain makes the surface slippery and muddy. It is dangerous to the corner and harder to see on slippery roads. For safety purposes, you have to go slower on the Bike. This will increase the time to cover the distance of fifteen miles.


You will notice around yourself that most cyclists avoid preferring lower temperatures. This is because the cyclist will go faster at lower temperatures on a given effort. As a result, he will cover fifteen miles of distance much earlier.


The surface you ride on significantly impacts the time required to cover 3 miles. The surfaces may be flat roads, hills, or even downhills.

Flat Surfaces

On a flat surface with a smooth road and no hurdles, rocks, or edgy maneuvers, you can easily ride at an average speed of 15 mph. 

It will take around 4 to 6 minutes to cover a distance of one mile. And near about 75 to 90 minutes to cover fifteen miles.

Hilly Surfaces

On the other hand, if you are riding on the hills, the steeper path will take you more time to cover three miles. Therefore, the time to cover three miles may also be doubled compared to the flat road.

It may take you more than 120 minutes if you are a moderate-level rider to cover a distance of fifteen miles. Cycling on this path will test your riding skills as a professionally trained rider.

mountain biker in the mountain

Downhill Track

On a downhill bike ride, it will take you less than 35 minutes to cover a distance of 15 miles. This is because, on a downhill track, gravity makes your ride much faster. Similarly, the direction of the wind will also increase the downhill ride speed.

How Long Does It Take To Bike 15 Miles Summary

Hopefully, you have known the exact and accurate answer to your question, “how long does it take to bike 15 miles?” 

It takes 75 to 90 minutes to cover a distance of fifteen miles. This time gets shortened due to many factors like in-direction wind, downhill ride, good fitness level, and your riding skills.

Similarly, this time may be increased or even doubled due to factors like your weak physical strength, lack of skills, harsh terrain, and many others.

We tried to give you an insight into what factors can affect the speed and ultimately time to cover a distance of 15 miles on your Bike. I hope it was beneficial for you all and you have got a satisfactory answer to your question.

Happy Riding Riders

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