How Do You Carry Your Phone While Cycling? (6 Best Ways)

With so many bike computers and smartwatches available, it is almost redundant to carry your mobile phone around when you are cycling. However, your mobile device needs to be in range when you want your smartwatch to work. Understanding how do you carry your phone while cycling can be uncomfortable, but we aim to show you how.

There are two important factors to keep in mind if you are to carry your phone while cycling. You should make sure your phone is safe and does not get damaged, and your phone should not cause any hindrance to your performance. To efficiently carry your phone, these are the two main considerations to keep in mind.

Fortunately, numerous methods can be used to carry your phone along while you are cycling. This article aims to help you figure out the most effective way to make this possible. It might be daunting for some. Fortunately, we have you covered with some of the most useful and effective ways.

How Do You Carry Your Phone While Cycling

Why You Might Want To Carry Your Phone While Cycling

There are various reasons that people want to carry their mobile phones along while they are cycling. Before we reveal the most effective ways that make it possible to carry your phone, we should understand the purpose of carrying your phone. We have identified some of the main reasons that you could want to carry your phone while cycling.

  • Data Tracking: Many modern bike computers and watches can connect to your mobile device via Bluetooth. If you want to ensure information gets rapidly uploaded, you should carry your phone with you to make this possible.
  • Staying In Touch: If you are a social butterfly or you are expecting an important call, you might want to take your phone along for the ride. It should ensure that you stay in touch and connect whilst riding your bike.
  • Safety: If something goes wrong and you are cycling alone, having your phone can allow you to signal for help. Many people would carry their mobile devices along to ensure they are always connected and can easily call for help when needed.
  • Music: If you are a casual cyclist, you might want to enjoy some of your favorite tunes while riding. The mountain bike allows you to carry a mobile phone with Bluetooth headphones to listen to your favorite tunes.
  • Photos: If you are an avid photographer, you might want to consider taking a few pictures along the way. With the pixels of modern mobile devices, you could snap a few with your mobile device when possible.
  • Navigation: Finally, those that don’t have access to an advanced bike computer or smartwatch might want to use their mobile devices for navigation. It is essential to use a mounted setup if navigation is the purpose.

While these are some of the most common reasons you might need your mobile phone along for the ride, there are numerous other possible reasons to have your phone with you. You must determine before riding if you need to carry your mobile phone along, or if you can leave it somewhere safe.

6 Best Ways To Carry Your Phone When Cycling

Now that you have determined how important it is that you carry your phone along, we also need to look at some of the main reasons why. The following methods are some of the best that we could think of. Some might be ideal for certain riders, while others might prefer a different way. However, here is how to carry your phone while cycling:

  1. In Your Pockets

The first method might seem a little common, but many casual riders don’t have the advanced accessories that enable them to comfortably carry their mobile devices with them. The first method would be to carry them in your pockets. With the right clothing, you might have numerous pockets to rely on.

However, cycling jerseys offer a pocket on the back of the garment. You should place your mobile device in this rear pocket. Not only does it make cycling easier, but it also means your phone will not become an obstruction. Unfortunately, it is a tedious process to access your phone and might take practice retrieving items from this pocket.

  1. Any Backpack You Carry

As a competitive cyclist, chances are slim that you will weigh yourself down with a backpack. However, casual cyclists might want a backpack to carry a few spares and ensure they have everything needed for the journey. Since you are carrying a backpack or a hydration pack, you might as well place your mobile phone in the backpack.

Arvano Bike Backpack Small
Arvano Bike Backpack Small 

Once again, it is hard to access the phone while riding and you might need to stop your bike to ensure that you can effectively access the mobile device. Those that need rapid access to their mobile device should consider a smartwatch or even earpieces, which should enable them to still answer important calls.

  1. Handlebar Mounted

If you are looking to carry your mobile phone most efficiently while cycling, mounting it would be your best option. Much like setting up your bike computer, the mounting process would enable you to have direct access to the device and you can easily navigate the features when needed.

Lamicall Bike Phone Holder
Lamicall Bike Phone Holder

Mounting does not have many drawbacks, with the only real drawback being that your phone is at risk of being damaged. If you fall with the bike or if you accidentally brush and branch, it could knock your phone off the mounting mechanism. Using a protective casing is something worth considering for this method.

  1. Normal Pants Pocket

While this method will not appeal to many people, casual riders might not want to invest in the best cycling gear. Not only are these clothing garments expensive, but they are also useless unless you like cycling and do it often. This will mean that many casual riders often wear traditional cargo pants even though it is not recommended.

The great thing about standard pants is that it offers you a multitude of different pockets you can use. If you have the available space in your clothing, you can easily put your mobile phone and wallet in those pockets. Keep in mind that it can be frustrating and often impede your performance, which is why it is not recommended.

  1. The Modern Armband

Nowadays many runners have discovered the armband, which features a pocket that easily straps to your arm. The pocket is often large enough to accommodate one of the electronic devices you might want to carry along for the trip. It is out of the way and you can easily access your device if you need to.

The downside to this method is that your mobile device will remain in harm’s way. If you accidentally hit a branch or when you tumble with the bike, you could not only damage the bike, but your mobile phone will also be one to be damaged. You should ensure you have a solid protective casing.

  1. Dedicated Bike Bag

Those with an interest in cycling accessories might have come across the bike bag. The bike bag straps to the frame of your bike and often uses zippers to keep the interior items from falling out. These bike bags are inexpensive and easy to mount. They also serve the purpose of allowing you to carry additional gear when needed.

A dedicated bike bag will not have any drawbacks and from many that we have tested, they offer adequate padding to protect your devices if you do accidentally or if any damages do occur. We would recommend the bike bag as one of the most efficient methods to carry your mobile phone while mountain biking.

Is It Safe To Carry Your Phone While Cycling?

While it might be essential for some cyclists to carry their mobile phones along with them when cycling, there are a few risks that you also need to account for. While some of these risks can be mitigated with different carry methods, you should be aware of the:

  • Theft: One of the major risks you could be facing would be theft. If criminals notice your phone in your armband or mounted on your bike, you could be at risk of being robbed.
  • Damaged Phone: Another risk is that you might fall or even hit a branch, which could break or dislodge your phone from your body. This might damage your phone severely.
  • Losing Your Phone: Finally, you always run the risk of your phone falling out while riding. It is important to secure it sufficiently to avoid this from happening.

How Do You Carry Your Phone While Cycling Conclusion

Carrying your phone along for a cycling journey is something you will need to weigh up with the potential risks. However, modern accessories make it much easier to do so. If you choose to carry your phone along, we would recommend one of the above-mentioned methods. However, let us know in the comment section if we missed any other methods you have tried.

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