Can You Put Road Bike Handlebars On A Hybrid? Here’s the Truth

The benefit of investing in a hybrid bike is its compatibility with different biking components. Riding a hybrid bike with a flat handlebar might not be the best option for some, so can you put road bike handlebars on a hybrid

Can You Put Road Bike Handlebars On A Hybrid? Yes, you can put road/drop bike handlebars on a hybrid model, especially if you go on long rides frequently. Road bike handlebars are basically bikes with drop handlebars. These allow versatile hand positions to make riding more comfortable.

However, there are multiple other things to consider before going for this addition. Keep scrolling through the article to know everything about putting road bike handlebars on a hybrid model. 

Can You Put Road Bike Handlebars On A Hybrid

What Is a Hybrid Bike? 

Hybrid bikes are cycles with the characteristics of a mountain, touring, or road bike. The formation of these hybrid bikes makes them compatible with various riding conditions. 

To be more precise, hybrid bikes have a flat handlebar, allow an upright riding position, and are safer than general bikes. 

Can I Use Road Bike Extensions On a Hybrid Bike?

Yes, you can ride a road bike or drop handlebars on a hybrid. A gravel bike with drop handlebars is unsafe to ride on gravel or short trails. Using road bike extensions on a hybrid here seems like a more feasible option. 

But it may not be as effortless as it sounds. Although it is possible to use extensions on a hybrid bike, it can be complex and, at times, expensive. 

But, finding the right handlebars that fit perfectly with your bike is not always easy. Besides, the brake levers and shifter may not work with the new handlebars. So, changing from straight handlebars to road bike ones seems like a more expensive and complicated procedure. 

Moreover, you need handlebars with the right diameter from the stem and at the proper distance from the bike’s seat. But there is again a catch here. 

Hybrid bikes have long top tubes meaning your bike seat is further from the handlebars. If you install the road bike handlebars, you won’t feel comfortable with the distance between the hood and the seat. 

Therefore, first, you will have to install a shorter stem like the Wake Best Bicycle short bike stem. The product is made to fit most bicycle types, including hybrids. Besides the stem, you will have to look for bars with a small reach. 

Drawbacks Of Putting Road Bike Handlebars On a Hybrid Bike

Although you get the advantage of different hand positions with road bike handlebars on a hybrid, it may distort the fit of your cycle. If you have made up your mind to go for the addition, check out these drawbacks of putting road bike handlebars on a hybrid bike- 

Rear Derailleur Compatibility 

Your bike’s derailleur might not be compatible with the bike’s brake-shifters. Bikes with different speed modes use other rear derailleurs. So with the new road bike handlebars, the rear gears may not work efficiently. Hence, you will have to change the derailleurs too. 

Front Derailleur Incompatibility 

Like rear derailleurs, the front derailleurs won’t be compatible with the new handlebars. For example, a derailleur made for a triple crankset won’t work with index brake-shifters which means you need to get new front derailleurs too. 

Uncomfortable Sitting Position 

As we have mentioned before also, hybrid bikes with a flat handlebar have longer tubes, unlike road bikes or drop handlebar bikes with shortened tubes. Drop handlebars would require you to lean forward, therefore the shorter tubes. 

If you put road/drop bike handlebars on a hybrid, the distance between the hood and your seat will be too far, making your ride uncomfortable. Some people install a short stem and a short frame, but these can’t guarantee you the same comfort as an original drop bike. 

Brake and Shifter Incompatibility 

The brake levers and shifters of the straight handlebars of a hybrid won’t work with the drop road bike handlebars. The two won’t be compatible because the diameter of the attachment clamps is too small for the new handlebars. 

It might break the shifter if you try to lengthen the diameter forcefully. 

Alternative To Road/Drop Bike Handlebars On a Hybrid Model

As you can see, the entire procedure of installing road bike handlebars in a hybrid is expensive and might disturb the fit of your cycle. So you can go for cheaper alternatives without changing the original structure of the bike. 

Drop Bar Ends

These are some of the easiest options to go close to road bike handlebars. The drop-bar ends are attached to the flat handlebars as regular bar ends. But the negative side of this attachment is that you can’t reach the brake levers from them. 

I have used this Vincita Bicycle drop bar ends and was quite impressed with the results. 

Basic Bar Ends 

Bar ends are another cheaper option to get instead of road bike handlebars. Installing the bar ends also does not take much time while providing versatile hand positions. But just like with the drop bar ends, you can’t reach the brakes from them.

If you want to try basic bar ends, I recommend using the Origin8 Compe Lite bar end, which is a cheap and feasible option. 

Swept-Back Handlebars 

Such types of handlebars go easy on your wrist and shoulders. These will work like road bike handlebars while making commuting easy for city dwellers. 


Can I put road bike handlebars on my mountain bike? 

Yes, you can, but the rides will be extremely uncomfortable due to the gap between the handlebar and the top tube. 

Can I modify the handles on my bike? 

Yes, you can change or modify handles on your bike. But you should get the job done by a professional to get the perfect outcome. 

Are all handlebars the same size? 

No, not all handlebars are not the same size. Straight handlebars have different dimensions, and drop-bar handlebars have different dimensions. 

What are bike ends for? 

You can use bike ends to add versatility to your handlebar. These will allow different hand positions without having to change your handlebar entirely. 

Can You Put Road Bike Handlebars On A Hybrid Summary

Putting road bike handlebars on a hybrid is possible, but it’s an expensive and complicated procedure. Apart from changing the handlebars, it requires you to change other parts of the bike as well. Hence, before you come to a conclusion, consider all positive and negative sides carefully. 

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