Can You Do Wheelies With a Mountain Bike?  

If you enjoy riding, you will want to try new things with your bike. Wheelies are common and a fun experience. However, if you have a mountain bike and wish to do wheelies, you surely can do it. There are basic wheelies that you can attempt on your MTB. One is a pedal wheelie, a common trick that can be quickly learned. The second is the coaster or manual wheelie. It is challenging and requires some level of expertise. It is also useful when you are on a trail full of obstacles. 

No wonder wheelies can impress anyone. However, you must know the way to do wheelies before you go out and actually perform. It requires a lot of practice to attain the level of perfection you need. So, here we will find out some details about bikes and wheelies. 

Can You Do Wheelies With a Mountain Bike

What types of bikes are best for wheelies? How to master wheelie?

Wheelies need practice. Irrespective of the bike you own, you need to learn the tactics. It is a skill that requires practice and time to attain. Coming to your quest about the bikes that can be a good choice for wheelies, BMX and Mountain bikes are the best to master wheelies. 

You can perform the trick on any bike. However, it might become a little bit easier on the BMX bikes. The reason is due to their specific build quality for park performance. All you need is to practice, as these tricks require time to master. 

1. Safe Dismount & Back Brake Control:  

The most crucial thing in wheelie is probably learning the rear dismount. If you don’t pay attention, you will probably fly off the bike and get hurt. So, you need to learn a safe dismount and balance point initially. 

It is always better to start practice on soft ground with grass which acts as a cushion when you fall. 

  • Keep the saddle out of the way. 
  • Use the pedals to stand and stay back to pull the front wheel. 
  • Keep a fair expectation of falling off the pedals and landing on the ground. 
  • Lean back and try to pull the front wheel until you are unable to maintain your balance. 
  • Keep practicing until you can comfortably step off the bike from the back. 

When you learn back control, you will not fall off your bike. It is now time to pay attention to back brake control. 

  • You have to hold the handlebars while you are on the ground. 
  • Now pull your front wheel while keeping a finger on the back brake. 
  • Pull the brake when the bike has taken off to 2 – 3 feet. You have to pay attention to how it can control the bike. 
  • Now do the entire thing while standing on the pedals. You will find how you will immediately be sent back to the ground. 

2. Getting The Wheel Up And Finding The Balance Point: 

It is always a better idea to start uphill. It will help to gain more control over the speed. If not, it will run away. 

  • Start with a low gear mode. Make sure that pedaling is easy. 
  • Stay on your seat while performing a wheelie. 
  • Pay attention to your front, as it will assist in keeping your bike stable and straight. 
  • Lean back and try pedaling. It will take the front wheel above the ground. Keep practicing so that it becomes easy. 
  • You have to make sure you can easily jump off the bike from its back. Ensure that stepping off is easy. 
  • Now try performing a wheelie and pull the brake until you feel you might fall off the ground. 

3. Combine and Practice

Now it is all about practicing. You have to keep your finger on the back brake, so you don’t fall off your bike. Try to find a balance point and prepare to fall down quite a few times. Wheelies might be challenging, but it becomes easier to perform the trick when you find the balance. 

What are the key features of a wheelie bike? 

  1. Reliable Drivetrain: While choosing a bike, you must pay attention to the drivetrain. Bikes that have a reliable drivetrain can be the best for performing wheelies. This part of the bike absorbs the wear and tear every time you perform wheelies. So look for a bicycle with a strong drivetrain that has the capability of holding miles of wheelies. 
  1. Grippy Tires: No wonder tires are a critical aspect of a hike when it comes to wheelies. Since you are lifting the front wheel, the entire weight will be on the back wheel. Thus, it also means that bikes with great and strong tires can provide balance. The extra grip means more stability and strong traction. So only install tires that have a proper grip on your mountain bike to perform wheelies seamlessly.
  1. Rear Disc Braking System: You definitely have got some knowledge about the importance of braking in a wheelie. You might need to switch to an excellent rear disc braking system to perform the trick. Since the rear tires will be on the ground, a good rear brake is a must to ensure control and use while performing. 

Which bike is best in stunts?

  • You Can Perform Wheelies on Almost Any Kind of Bike: You first need to know that wheelies can be performed on any bike. While MTB and BMX offer ease to perform, you have no limitations with other bikes as well. All you need is to know that when you master wheelie, you can do it on any cycle. You just need to find the durability and balance to ensure safety. 
  • Lightweight Frame: As you need to lift the bike, you need to ensure that your bike is lightweight. A perfect wheelie needs a lighter bike frame. It will help you to make sure that you can handle the weight and do not fall off the bike. Additionally, a lightweight frame will not cause any pain while lifting. 
  • Smaller is Better: Always remember that smaller bikes are easier to manage when trying the tricks. Even when you need large bikes for cruising, wheelies are best on smaller bikes. This ensures easy maneuverability and better balance to improve your control. 

Is it easier to wheelie or manual?

Wheelies and manual might seem the same initially, but there is a slight difference. Wheelies need you to use a stroke to take off the front wheel, while the manual is done by shifting your body back and then pulling handlebars. Both are equally challenging. However, you might find it easy to perform a manual if you have mastered wheelie and vice versa. 

Can you wheelie a 29er?

If you ride a 26er, you will find it easier to perform a wheelie. However, it can be a bit challenging with 29er. You have to move the body back and find the balance to get the rear axle. 29er spend the most time on the ground, so for wheelies, 26er can be a better choice. 

However, it does not mean that you cannot ride on the 29er, but all you must know is the way to balance. You need a lot of practice to pull a wheelie on a 29er. You can only perform wheelie when you are in an inclined position. 

How can I do a wheelie for a long time?

The brake system in your bike can be a great help in your learning process. You have to get control of your bike with your brake system. When you understand the right time to pull the brake, you will be able to gain the skill. However, professional wheelies hardly pull brakes as they have immense control over the bike and its bodies. 


How long does it take to wheelie a bike?

You have to invest quite a bit of time in mastering wheelies. Some riders are able to master the skill in a few weeks, while others might take months. Accomplishing the feat requires control of your bike and body. Besides, don’t forget to invest in the right bike. 

Are wheelies dangerous?

Just like any trick or stunt, wheelies have some danger associated with them. Mastering wheeling requires a lot of practice. However, if you don’t want to hurt yourself, it is advisable to choose a grassy location and wear protective headgear. This will help you on the ride. 

What are the best ways to perfect my wheelie skills?

The first thing is to get the bike. Find out groups who practice stunts like wheelies. Train yourself with them. Having skilled friends will help you to improve and have fun. 

Can You Do Wheelies With a Mountain Bike Summary

So, by now, you have got a clear idea about wheelie. Remember that you can easily do the wheelie trick on your mountain bike. All you need is to practice a lot and find the balance. You can accomplish the wheelie trick with a lot of practice and balance learning. 

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