How Much Does a Bike Tube Cost

How Much Does a Bike Tube Cost – Get the Estimated Figure!

Avid cyclists and bike commuters will agree that the last thing they want on their bike ride is a flat or punctured bike tube. In such a situation, their trek may go from smooth to choppy. Since bike tubes are low-priced items, cyclists often ignore them. But, being avid cyclists, it is a good idea … Read more
Can You Put Hybrid Tires On A Mountain Bike

Can You Put Hybrid Tires On A Mountain Bike?

Being a rider, mountain bikes are the most common thing. Mountain biking is probably the best pastime activity. Adventures come with several challenges, and mountain bikers face such challenges every day. Due to the different and difficult road conditions, they must ensure choosing quality tires. Switching to quality tires can make the ride smoother and … Read more
Are Bike Valve Caps Necessary

Are Bike Valve Caps Necessary? MAYBE Not…

Bike valve caps or dust caps are an important part of many bikes but have been significantly debated over the last couple of years. Many people are unsure whether it is necessary to have these caps and ensure they are in working order. Some might even consider them a redundant dump of plastic on their … Read more
How To Choose Bike Tires

How To Choose Bike Tires? Everything you should know before choosing bike tires

The tires that genuinely fit your bike are the best decision you can make to enjoy cycling. But choosing the right tire can be difficult for you. This is because choosing bike tires will strongly affect your cycling. Picking tires make all the difference whether you are going to win or lose, or whether your … Read more
How To Determine Bicycle Tire Size

How To Determine Bicycle Tire Size? (Road and Mountain Bike)

If you are new to cycling and shopping around for new tires for your bicycle, then you have been faced with the shop assistant politely saying, “sure, I can help you.  What tire size are you looking for?” “Wait? There are different sizes?” you think to yourself. However, determining what tire you need is easy … Read more
Are Bike Tires Sold In Pairs

Are Bike Tires Sold In Pairs? The Right Answer Here

As you come tearing around the scariest corner on your favorite bike trail, you feel that dreaded twitch as the last remaining tread on your tire desperately searches the ground for grip.  Arriving home, you realize it’s time for a new tire, or you risk having fewer teeth than your tire.  You don’t need two, … Read more
Types of Bike Tire Valves

3 Best Types of Bike Tire Valves – What Are the Differences?

What are the different types of bike tire valves? When you own a bicycle, you must know the different types of tire valves available. Therefore, here we will find out the three different types of valves. These are the Schrader valve, Presta valve, and Dunlop Valve. When you have knowledge about what are the different types of … Read more
How to Deflate a Bike Tire

3 Great Solution How to Deflate a Bike Tire for All Types of Valve

If you are a cyclist, you need to know how to deflate a bike tire. Situations might show up where you have to take action. When looking for an answer, you must understand that deflating bike tires depends on the bike’s type of valve. You must know that there are three different types of bike … Read more
How Often Should You Change Bike Tires

How Often Should You Change Bike Tires? 6 Warning Signs to Look For

Tires are the most sensitive and used parts of a bike. Worn-out bike tires cannot provide the required traction and grip to ride a bike. Due to this, there is a chance of accidents. This is the reason why you should be changing your bike tires often. How Often Should You Change Bike Tires? We … Read more
How Long Do Bike Tires Last in Storage

How Long Do Bike Tires Last in Storage? 3 Great Tips How to Storage

Many cyclists are interested to know how long the bike tires last? It may be the case that one has bought a spare bike tire and hung it on the wall of his garage, now he wants to know if it will be safe in the garage or not. Or how long will it last … Read more

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