How To Raise Handlebars On Mountain Bike

How To Raise Handlebars On Mountain Bike? (In 7 Easy Steps)

The handlebars on your mountain are some of the most important components when it comes to overall comfort and your riding experience. Once you receive a new mountain bike, adjusting the handlebars should be one of the first priorities. However, many people wonder how to raise handlebars on mountain bikes. If a rider feels uncomfortable … Read more
Are Carbon Handlebars Worth It MTB

Are Carbon Handlebars Worth It MTB?

You probably have found your mountain bike handlebars an undergrad, or you want to experience a smooth bike ride that does not make your arms tired. Someone has told you that switching to carbon handlebars is worth it, MTB. You already know that carbon handlebars are super lightweight. It is not the only reason why … Read more
How Wide Should My MTB Handlebars Be

How Wide Should My MTB Handlebars Be? Recommendations from Professionals

The handlebar’s width is crucial for a smooth and comfortable ride for a rider. It helps to maintain the stability of the front end of a mountain bike. It gives a calm and pleasant feeling during the whole ride. So, how would you know how wide should your MTB handlebars be? The width of the … Read more
Are Wider Handlebars Better And More Comfortable

Are Wider Handlebars Better And More Comfortable?

While handlebar widths vary, the most common size is around 32 to 38 centimeters, compared to the standard 20-cm or 16-cm bicycle handlebars. Handlebar width can affect user fatigue and comfort depending on how it is designed and set up. Are wider handlebars better and more comfortable?  Yes, wider handlebars are better and more comfortable. … Read more
Can You Put Road Bike Handlebars On A Hybrid

Can You Put Road Bike Handlebars On A Hybrid? Here’s the Truth

The benefit of investing in a hybrid bike is its compatibility with different biking components. Riding a hybrid bike with a flat handlebar might not be the best option for some, so can you put road bike handlebars on a hybrid?  Can You Put Road Bike Handlebars On A Hybrid? Yes, you can put road/drop … Read more
Can You Put Straight Handlebars On A Road Bike

Can You Put Straight Handlebars On A Road Bike? Answered

Road bikes come with different styles of handlebars based on the model and speed range. Most experienced cyclists also prefer flat handles for their upright structure. Once you’ve decided to go for flat bars, the next question is – can you install flat handlebars on a road bike? Can You Put Straight Handlebars On A … Read more
Carbon Handlebar Vs. Aluminum

Carbon Handlebar Vs. Aluminum: The Right Pick 

When you want to choose a handlebar material for your bike, the choice is between carbon handlebar vs. aluminum. So which one should you pick?  Carbon handlebars are lighter than aluminum ones for the same strength, stiffness, and shape. However, aluminum handlebars are more affordable and durable than those that can withstand your everyday rough … Read more
Flat Bar Vs Drop Bar

Flat Bar Vs Drop Bar: Which One Is Best For You?

When it comes to bike handlebars, you have two main options; flat bar vs. drop bar. Which one is better? Well, the answer varies based on the riding terrain and the rider’s personal preferences.  For beginners, flat bars are more comfortable as they are easy to maneuver and handle. The drop bars, on the other … Read more
Types of Bike Handlebars

Bike Handlebars and 11 Types of Bike Handlebars

Do you know about what are the different types of bike handlebars? A trusty handlebar is necessary, whether it is the road bike, mountain bike, or fixed gear bike. There are a variety of handlebars: riser bars, flat bars, bullhorns, aero bars, cruisers, drop bars, butterfly bars, and others. Each of these handlebars has its own set … Read more
Are Handlebar Risers Safe

Are Handlebar Risers Safe – About Handlebar Risers Safety, and More!

Steam raisers, handlebar risers, or stem extenders, no matter which name you use, but the sole purpose of this tiny bar is to help raiders modify and adjust the handlebar position to a comfortable height. It allows positioning your bike’s handlebar to a comfortable height for smoothing riding experiences. But, many novice riders have a … Read more
How to Stop Bike Handlebars From Rusting

How to Stop Bike Handlebars From Rusting

We all love riding our bikes through muddy, wet, or dusty terrains. As much as we enjoy our adventurous rides, such conditions make our bike vulnerable to rust. This is even more prominent in bike handlebars made from iron. So How to Stop Bike Handlebars From Rusting?  You can prevent the handlebars from rusting by … Read more
How To Make Bike Handlebars More Comfortable

How To Make Bike Handlebars More Comfortable?

Cycling is all about adventure. But chances are there that it would not be thoroughly pleasurable. Unless you know how to make bike handlebars more comfortable, it can add challenges to your trails. You need to ensure comfort while riding to enjoy our adventurous ride. Until you make some adjustments in your cycle, it might … Read more
Why Are Gravel Bike Handlebars Flared

Why Are Gravel Bike Handlebars Flared?

So why are gravel bike handlebars flared? You would definitely like to know the reason before buying. New and improved designs of handlebars are showing up to satisfy the evolving needs. This kind of handlebar is available in a wide variety. This makes it a need for riders to understand in detail about handlebars.  Flared … Read more
How to Convert Drop to Flat Handlebars

How to Convert Drop to Flat Handlebars?

Do you know how to convert drop to flat handlebars? There can be several reasons to change into flat handlebars. You might have your own reason, but one of the most common is the ease of control and comfort. There are chances when riders can feel uncomfortable. Thus, having a complete understanding of the way … Read more
Can You Put Cruiser Bars on a Mountain Bike

Can You Put Cruiser Bars on a Mountain Bike?

Do you want to know can you put cruiser bars on a mountain bike? Cruiser bars are common and can be a great choice. The upright position can add comfort to your ride. But before you go ahead, you must have some knowledge. Adequate knowledge would become helpful for mountain bike handlebar conversion. It will … Read more
Why Do Some Bikes Have Curved Handlebars

Why Do Some Bikes Have Curved Handlebars?

Are you wondering why some bicycles have curved handlebars? Well, they are called ‘drop bars’ and their purpose is to provide better balance and control over the bike. Curved handlebars are becoming increasingly common these days. Why? Well, they’re more aerodynamic and offer better handling than the traditional straight-bar design. But if you want to … Read more

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