Bicycle Chain

Bicycle Chain - ULTIMATE GUIDE

Bicycle Chain – ULTIMATE GUIDE

The bike chain is one of the most crucial components of your bicycle. A faulty chain can lead to a host of issues, including limited shifting. However, the primary reason for managing your bike chain is to prevent damage. Nobody wants to contend with a chain that slips off the cogs while riding. Having a … Read more
What Material Is Bike Chains Made Of

What Material Are Bike Chains Made Of?

Although the bike chain may not be the most exciting bicycle component, it is one of the most critical. Without a functioning chain, your bike won’t move. The bike chain connects the pedals to the wheels and drives the bike forward. Understanding what material bike chains are made of is essential when selecting the right … Read more
Bicycle Chain Size Chart

Bicycle Chain Size Chart – BIG Guide (How to Buy New)

Choosing the right bicycle chain can make all the difference in your cycling experience. A proper chain will provide a smooth ride and optimal performance, while the wrong chain can lead to disruptions and inconsistencies. While a new bike comes with a chain, serious cyclists may want to consider upgrading for improved performance. This article … Read more
Difference Between Single-Speed And Multi-Speed Chain

Difference Between Single-Speed And Multi-Speed Chain

Whether you are looking to buy a new bicycle or you already have one ready for use, you will need to be able to distinguish between a single-speed and multi-speed chain. While both work together to achieve the same purpose, there are small minute differences between each two, which makes them stand out for buyers … Read more
best bike chain

7 Best Bike Chain – The Top Bike Chains Explained And Rated

One of the most fundamental parts of any bike chain is the addition of the bike chain. The bike chain is an important part of any bike and it helps to propel the bike forward. Once you put pressure on the pedals, it will turn the chain and the chain connects to gears at the … Read more
Shorten Bike Chain

How To Shorten Bike Chain (Great Tutorial With and Without Tools)

Cycling is one of the enjoyable hobbies that’s great to stay fit and athletic without spending dollars in a gym. The only requirement is that your bike remains in its optimal condition.  If there’s one issue that irks every cyclist, it’s the bike chain length issue. Your bike’s chain must be of proper length – … Read more
Remove Chain Master Link

Remove Chain Master Link. How to Find, Remove With Recommended Tools?

Do you want to know how to remove chain master link in your bike? If you have a bicycle, then this is something you must know. Removing chain master link is different for different types of chain links. There are generally Shimano, SRAM and Clip-style or C-style master links. From these three, SRAM is most commonly observed in bicycles.  It would … Read more
how often lube bike chain

How Often Should You Lube Your Bike Chain – Wet Lube Vs Dry Lube To Lube My Chain Properly

It’s neither the pedals, nor the frame, but the performance of your bike depends on the drive chain! Furthermore, the drive chain often receives the most wear, thus keeping it in the best shape is indispensable. And a popular way to take care of the chain is lubrication. How often should I lube my bike … Read more
Why Does My Bike Chain Skip

Why Does My Bike Chain Skip? 5 Tips And Solutions For Prevention

A skipping bike chain is extremely frustrating and can easily ruin your bike ride. Not knowing if your gears will change properly or skipping the chain impacts your riding performance and enjoyment. Why Does My Bike Chain Skip? There are several reasons your bike chain could be skipping while you ride and change gears. Some … Read more
WD-40 for Bike Chain

WD-40 for Bike Chain: The Best Bike Chain Lube Money Can Buy

WD-40 stands for Water Displacement 40th attempt. It is evident by the name itself that it’s a water displacement product used to prevent rust. People often find themselves confused about whether to use WD-40 or not. Here, you will get answers to all of your queries about WD-40 from the most experienced tech bikers. I … Read more
Rusty Bike Chain

Rusty Bike Chain: 9 Great Tips How To Clean And Protect Your Bike Chain At Home

The chain on your bike is one of the most fundamental elements of the bike. It is responsible for controlling the gears, while also connecting the front and rear tires. However, bike chains go through a lot and you will need to make sure that you protect your bike chain or know how to fix … Read more
bike chain guard

Bike Chain Guard: Do You Need It And How Do You Install It

The mountain bike is designed to endure strenuous environments and take on some of the toughest trails you can come across. The bike chain guard is considered an accessory and something that many people often neglect. Its purpose is to make life easier for you and to ensure that dirt does not build up on … Read more
How To Tighten A Bike Chain

6 Easy Steps How To Tighten A Bike Chain With And Without Gear

Ask any cyclist what one of the most frustrating things to happen is and they will tell you that a bike chain coming off at a random moment can be frustrating to deal with. However, it can happen at any moment, and should the bike chain come off, you might be asking yourself how to … Read more