Bike Helmet vs Skate Helmet – Everything You Must Know Before Choosing

There are many differences between skate and bike helmets. One primary difference is that skate helmets can withstand impacts, whereas bike helmets have a design to take one or hardly two accidents. The reason is that the foam in bicycles generally compresses after an impact. You will not be able to use it the next time. 

Generally, skaters who practice tricks fall several times. Hence, the skate helmet must be strong enough to ensure a fall, whereas a new bicyclist who has just started practicing might fall but less frequently than skaters. So, whether it is the material or foam quality, everything is very different between skate and bike helmets. 

If you have a bike helmet and want to know whether you can use it while skating, then check out the differences. Understanding the prime differences will help you decide and get a valid answer. 

Bike Helmet vs Skate Helmet

What are the significant differences between a bike helmet and a skate helmet? 

The purpose and shape of both helmets are widely different. Skateboard helmets can easily cover the back of your head, while bike helmets have less area to cover. Some skate helmets have the design to withstand several impacts, whereas a bike helps have the design to take one hit at a huge force. 

Major differences between a bike and a skate helmet: 

  • Bike helmets have improved ventilation. 
  • Skate helmets cover your head and back. 
  • Bike helmets can withstand extreme force. 
  • Bike helmets can help users to survive big impacts.
  • Skate helmets have the ability to endure multi-impact, and bike helmets can handle one impact. 
  • Skate helmets have thick shells while bike helmets have thin plastic. 

What are the critical features of bike helmets? 

Understanding the basic features of bike helmets is essential. This way, you will be able to decide on the best bike helmet. 

  • Ability to withstand major accidents: One of the prime aspects of bike helmets is the ability to withstand impacts. However, these helmets have a design to take a maximum of one significant impact. Generally, you cannot use it after a crash. 
  • Unique and improved aerodynamic design: Bike helmets have an innovative design. The manufacturer creates an aerodynamic design to reduce the impact of wind and noise. This is greatly beneficial for riders, especially when you ride in different terrains. With such features, bike riders will be able to pay more attention on the road while riding. 
  • Included with proper padding: One of the most crucial features that make bike helmets different is the padding. The use of comfortable foam pads can take hits. You can remove it while washing and maintain a clean helmet. The major aim of including padding on bike helmets is to provide protection and comfort in the times your head hits badly. The foam improves ability to take hits. 
  • More ventilation: The bike helmet manufacturer considers the need for a proper ventilation system. It is mandatory while bike riding, especially if you live in warmer places. The helmet manufacturer pays attention to ventilation and uses breathable foam to reduce sweating. They keep multiple ports in both rear and frontal positions to make sure that there is proper ventilation throughout. 
  • Safety certification: It is crucial to check the safety certification when choosing bike helmets. It is especially when you choose mountain bike helmets. You will find a range of certificates, one of the crucial ones is the CPSC or Consumer Product Safety Commission. After a cycle goes through several testing and passes the safety requirements, they gain certification. 

What are the crucial features of skate helmets? 

Skate Helmet on bike

Skate helmets are largely different from bike helmets. These have a design to protect the rider during a fall. Since skaters tend to fall more frequently, these are stronger to handle more falls. 

  • Improved durability: Skate helmets are different from bike helmets. These are built to take different accidents easily. The design can handle several falling accidents and crashes while a skater is still in the beginner phase. 
  • More focused on its rear part: Skating helmets have a design with more focus on properly covering the rider’s rear part of the head. The prime reason to have one such as there are more chances of the riders falling back while performing tricks or making different moves. 
  • Unique physical appearance: Skate helmets are generally more stylish in terms of physical difference. They are available in a range of colors and unique shapes. These helmets have a plain interior. However, some manufacturers have now started to focus on adding comfort. 
  • Compliance: Another essential aspect of a skate helmet that you must not avoid checking is certification and compliance. The build of skate helmets must be in a way to comply with ASTM F1492 standards. So, make sure to check the compliance and certification while choosing skate helmets. 

Can I Use skate helmets for biking? 

If you are someone who loves cycling and skating, you might be wondering if you can use one helmet for both purposes. In such a scenario, you might have to choose different helmets certified by skate helmet certification ASTM F1492 and also the CPSC standard for bicycles.

If you are in search of such a helmet, here is one, check out the Thousand Bike Helmet for Adults.

What certifications are crucial when choosing helmets? 

Certification is essential to prevent the impact of severe accidents. While practicing, if you fall on the ground and hit your head severely. It might cause serious brain injury and skull fracture. The great thing is now you have helmets to protect yourself. All the helmets available must meet the standards to make them a suitable choice. 

Certification will not reduce the chances of accidents as it clearly depends on how you are riding. But it can take care of the severity of the impact. It might be helpful to reduce the chances of getting badly injured. With a great quality bike and skate helmet that meets the standards, you can keep using it even after impacts. However, the design of bike helmets can endure one or two impacts. 

  • Bicycling- ASTM F1447, F18981, CPSC, B-95, Snell B-90A, N-942.
  • BMX Cycling- CPSC, ASTM F2032
  • Aggressive/Trick Skateboarding- Snell N-942, ASTM F14922

When to replace your bike helmet? 

While choosing helmets, you must be sure to play an essential role in protecting your head. You should replace a helmet if it can go through several impacts. Several signs talk about the need to replace your helmet even when you have invested in a high-quality skate helmet that can endure multiple effects. 

Remember that a mistake can cost you a life. Your helmet is the primary level of protection when you skate or ride a bicycle at high speed. Ensuring that the helmet can withstand impacts will prevent severe damage. 

So, here are some of the most common signs that say you need to change the helmet. 

  • Aging signs and cracks on its inner shells. 
  • Bumps, cracks, and scrapes on its outer shells. 
  • The buckles on your helmets have lost their build and look awful. 
  • You are not able to adjust the helmet. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I interchangeably use bike and skate helmets? 

After checking the results of different helmet designs and scientific studies, there is inevitably a visible difference between skate and bike helmets. However, you must not use bike helmets for skating and vice versa. The prime reason is the ability to withstand accidents and injuries. Skate helmets can withstand several impacts, while bike helmets can take only a single or twice. Since bike accidents can become fatal for many, these ensure one significant hit. 

Which helmets are a good choice for a ventilation system? 

Bike helmets are the best choice for an improved ventilation system. Since people using cycles need them for commuting, they will travel more distance than skaters. So improved ventilation is a must to reduce sweating and get more concentration on the road. 

Which are essential factors to influence helmet quality?

Some of the most critical factors are withstanding power, construction, size, foam quality, ventilation, and certifications. Check these few crucial factors while choosing a helmet to make a good decision. 

Bike Helmet vs Skate Helmet Summary

Now that you have got the knowledge about Bike Helmet vs. Skate helmets and the crucial details, it can become effective for you. However, make sure that you check the manufacturer details before choosing one. 

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