Are Wider Handlebars Better And More Comfortable?

While handlebar widths vary, the most common size is around 32 to 38 centimeters, compared to the standard 20-cm or 16-cm bicycle handlebars. Handlebar width can affect user fatigue and comfort depending on how it is designed and set up.

Are wider handlebars better and more comfortable?  Yes, wider handlebars are better and more comfortable. A wider handlebar can provide more grip for long climbs and carrying heavy loads because there’s more surface area available in contact with the ground. If you have a problem with your neck or back, a more comprehensive handlebar design might be better because it provides a more fantastic range of movement to support your upper body.

Wider handlebars offer more control and stability for steering. For that reason, they are common on mountain bikes or bikes that will be used for off-road cycling.

Narrower handlebars provide minor bumping into things when riding in urban environments. They also may not interfere with cars because they don’t extend as far out to the side.

Are Wider Handlebars Better And More Comfortable

Why are Mountain Bike Handlebars so Wide?

Wide handlebars provide several benefits to mountain bikers. They can be more comfortable and forgiving on the rider’s hands and wrists, make it easier to turn the bike and help reduce arm pumps. However, there is no right or wrong answer for the best width for a mountain bike handlebar.

The mountain bike handlebars are broad because they were created to accommodate the most common types of biking activities. Bikers use their arms and shoulders to steer and control their bikes, and these handlebars allow them to do this more effectively.

Since mountain bike is designed for rough terrain, it is vital that they can brake and turn in a hurry. These wide bars make it easy for them to perform these actions effectively.

Reasons to Ride Wide Handlebars

Handlebars offer an increased contact patch to terrain and offer a larger surface area for braking. With the broader handlebars, you can ride in a more upright position, giving you better visibility and control over your bike. The main reason is the more a rider can stretch out, the more aerodynamic they become. You can also turn quicker and perform better in a race.

Riding on a wide handlebar will help you maintain your aerodynamics at high speeds, so you go faster for longer distances.

Better control :

Wide handlebars help with balance during sudden stops or turns; they also allow the rider to quickly shift their weight from side to side, allowing for smoother movements when turning corners at high speeds or stopping abruptly.

Handlebars are the grips of a bicycle, usually made of metal or plastic, positioned on either side of the rider’s hands. Wide handlebars are becoming more popular among cyclists because they provide better control.

Bicycles have been used for many years to improve health and exercise. Many people use them as a means of transportation because they are sustainable and environmentally friendly. The popularity of these bikes has increased in recent years because they provide an enjoyable form of exercise and allow for better control with more oversized handlebars that have wider grips.


The bike handlebars are the critical component of a bike that allows for rider safety and control. Each cyclist has different needs, which is why the wide handlebars variety is now available to fit everyone’s personal preference.

A beginner cyclist may not need or want as much suspension as an expert cyclist. Therefore, there are wide handlebars for both riders to choose from.

The Wide Handlebar company offers many choices in this category. They have designed different widths to meet everyone’s individual needs and preferences.

Wide Handlebars provide a higher level of comfort for the rider. They do this in several ways. First, they take pressure off your wrists and hands by moving it down to your forearms and elbows. Second, they widen the width of the bike handlebar so that you have the option to extend your hands out farther from your body – which means more space to push off against.

Rider’s perspective:

Wide Handlebars provide riders with a fantastic feeling of stability and control. Wide Handlebars are designed to provide excellent power and strength. The design offers an ergonomic position for the rider, lowering the risk of back pain.

Wide handlebars create a more immersive experience for the rider, making them feel more in control. This is what you get with the Wide Handlebars.


It is not unusual that people prefer wide handlebars because they provide more stability and comfort.

Many bike designs have this feature, but the most popular one is called “flat bars.” They can give you the feeling of greater control over your bike because it has a lower center of gravity than the others, which makes it easier for you to balance on top of your bike.

Possible Downsides of Riding Wide Handlebars

The main downside of riding wide handlebars is the cost. The broader handlebars are often more expensive because they are more durable and have a better grip. However, there are many benefits to riding wide handlebars, such as increased stability and control.

With wider handlebars, you will be able to ride faster without the fear of losing control. You will also be able to go over obstacles with ease. Riding wide bars will also make it easier for you to maintain your balance when going down steep hills or riding in rough terrain.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why are wider handlebars better?

Wider handlebars are better because they provide more leverage, so the rider will not tire as quickly. Also, wide handlebars put less pressure on your wrists and forearms.

How wide should my handlebars be?

The width of your handlebars will depend on what type of riding you’re doing.

The handlebars are usually more comprehensive for road use to make it easier for riders with broader shoulders to grip the bars comfortably.

For mountain biking, narrower handlebars are better as they offer more control over the bike since the weight is concentrated in a smaller area.

What handlebar width Do I need MTB?

The handlebar width determines the size of the bike frame. The handlebar width is measured by the number of centimeters from the center of each handlebar to each side.

There are two standard bicycle frames available in the market – 700c and 26-inch. 700c is a road bike, while 26-inch is for mountain bikes. Road bikes typically have a narrow grip bar anywhere between 40-50cm, while MTBs have a more expansive grip bar of 50-58cm.

Are Wider Handlebars Better And More Comfortable Summary

In conclusion, it can be inferred from this article that wide handlebars help riders to control the bike at slower speeds and for those who want to ride longer distances. They also provide a dynamic view of their surroundings as they change their position on the bike during turning and leaning maneuvers.

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