Are Vans Good for Mountain Biking – Find The Honest Answer!

Mountain biking is a leisure sport demanding the bikers to have the right pair of shoes for the job. Bikers who are not careful in choosing the right biking shoes may have blisters and other foot injuries. So, choosing the right biking shoes with optimal grip to prevent slip and padding to keep your feet comfortable during long rides is essential. But what about the mountain bikers who ride casually and occasionally? Are Vans Good for Mountain Biking? 

Yes. Vans are suitable for mountain bikers because they feature grippy soles. It makes a good choice for flat pedals. For beginners or casual bikers, vans shoes can be a good choice because of their high flexibility, which allows the wearer to have better control while pedaling. Unfortunately, vans shoes may not be a good choice for advanced trails and long rides where performance and power are needed. 

There are no specific types of shoes for mountain biking, especially if you are a casual, intermediate, or novice mountain biker. The more advanced you get as a biker, the more important it gets to invest in good pair of mountain biking shoes made especially for biking.   

Are Vans Good for Mountain Biking

Are Vans Good for Mountain Biking – In Details! 

Bikers planning to go for a mountain biking tour must understand that they need a good pair of biking shoes to help their foot stay comfortable throughout the trails. So, you must consider choosing a good pair of vans for mountain biking. 

Vans shoes are a good choice for outdoor activities, like skateboarding. But, when planning mountain biking, can you use them? Are Vans Good for Mountain Biking? 

Yes, Vans shoes are an excellent choice for mountain biking if you are a casual or occasional biker. Vans shoes are very comfortable and feature grippy soles that ensure comfortable pedaling without straining your feet. These shoes are flexible, sturdy, and suitable only for intermediate and novice bikers. 

Vans shoes feature rubberized soles that are effective at gripping any surface. So, it makes a good choice for mountain biking because they have sufficient grip to keep the feet from slipping off the pedal. 

You may use Vans shoes for mountain biking, but they are not the best pair of shoes for advanced trails. The shoes are suitable for beginners and casual bikers. But mountain biking on more demanding and progressive trails needs high-quality shoes designed mainly for mountain biking. Mountain biking demands shoes with stiff soles as it allows the bikers to transfer the power from legs to pedals. Vans shoes have softer soles, preventing bikers from transferring power from legs to pedal and reducing pedaling power and efficiency. 

Mountain biking shoes are designed with a rugged outsole that can protect the feet from drops and impacts. They can easily handle harsh outdoor conditions. That said, Vans Shoes are not a good choice for advanced mountain biking. But, you can still use them if you are new to mountain biking and not ready to invest in advanced mountain biking shoes.  

What are the Advantages & Disadvantages of Vans Shoes for Mountain Biking? 

So, while vans shoes are not an excellent choice for mountain biking, there are still some advantages that buyers must know to make a wise purchasing decision.  


  • Apart from the cool design and style of Vans shoes, the other aspects of the shoes are their robust grippy, and flat soles. The shoe’s most notable feature makes it an excellent choice for flat pedal bikers.
  • The brand offers mid-height shoes for bikers who want to keep their ankles protected while cycling and get the required support. The brand also features high tops that provide the best support and protection for ankles. But, high tops can be challenging and irritating for bikers as they make their feet sweaty during long rides. 
  • The Vans Shoes are well-cushioned at the soles to minimize the impact on knees and feet while jumping off the mountain bike. The shoes are highly flexible, allowing bikers to have better control over their feet when out of their cycle.     


  • Vans Shoes feature softer soles; hence, they are not a good choice for rigid surfaces. The softer soles also reduce the efficiency of transferring power from legs to pedals. Besides, the soles offer the best grips on skateboards, not pedals. 
  • Vans shoes are not made for rough outdoor conditions, and bikers may see their shoes wearing off when snagged on challenging or twig trails. These shoes are not designed to protect the feet in rough conditions. Since it has softer soles, it can’t save the feet ultimately. 
  • The Van Shoes are not made to tolerate the weather conditions. The shoes may get soggy when you bike under wet conditions. 
skateboards with vans boots

Who are Ideal Mountain Bikers for Vans Shoes? 

Bikers doing only chill or causal mountain biking may wear Vans Shoes. Bikers risking on pump tracks or bike parks that are not very muddy can also use these shoes. These shoes offer sufficient grip for these riding styles. For beginners and novice mountain bikers, Vans Shoes are a great choice.  

What Other Shoes Bikers Can Wear Instead of Vans Shoes for Mountain Biking? 

Tennis shoes and running shoes can also be used in place of vans shoes for mountain biking. The only difference is the protection and support levels, which are missing in these shoes. So, these shoes can only be used during short rides or flat pedals. For advanced and rough trails, bikers must invest in shoes made for mountain biking. 

Are Vans Good for MTB Flat Pedals? 

Vans Shoes are unsuitable for MTB flat pedals because they lack proper gripping. The construction of a softer sole is not enough to keep the feet attached to the pedal for powerful movement. If you are flat pedaling with Vans, you may struggle to cross the bumpy trails, maneuver tricky corners, and ride up hills. 

Final Thought! 

Hopefully, you got the answer to Are Vans Good for Mountain Biking? Vans Shoes are an excellent choice for mountain biking until you are a beginner or intermediate mountain biker. But, Vans Shoes are not a great choice, especially if you are planning to ride on tougher trails. 

Consider investing in authentic mountain biking shoes if riding on aggressive and rough terrains with muddy and wet conditions. Vans Shoes will fail to offer you the required comfort and maneuverability in such situations. 

So, Vans Shoes are suitable for beginner or casual mountain bikers, not for advanced and veteran bikers who often go on rough and tricky trails. 

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