Are Bike Handlebar Grips Universal? – Let Us Know The Answer!

Handlebar Grips are the major part of your bike that plays a major role in enhancing handling and comfort. But, many bikers have a common question in their mind, Are Bike Handlebar Grips Universal? The question about Handlebar Grips size has more importance than you expect. Installing the wrong size grips may impact your riding style and surprise the riders.  

Are Bike Handlebar Grips Universal?

Unfortunately, the Bike Handlebar grip is not universal or the same. The size of the grips varies depending upon many factors. Some of the aspects that affect the Handlebar Grips size are the bike model, level of cushioning you want, design and style of the grip, and the material used for designing the Handlebar Grips.

Read on to learn how handlebar grips are differentiated and the major factors that make the handlebar grips different from each other.

Are Bike Handlebar Grips Universal

Are Bike Handlebar Grips Universal or Same?

No, the bike Handlebar Grips are not universal as they are available in different diameters, patterns, shapes, and designs. 

The internal diameter dimension of the grips has the standard size to fit any mountain bike’s handlebar, but the grips are available in different lengths, and outer diameters are customized according to the rider’s fit and preferences. 

Other factors confirm that the bike Handlebar Grips are not universal.  

The Bike Handlebar Grips Size 

There are two major factors to consider when discussing the bike Handlebar Grips size – The diameter of the handlebar and the size of the biker’s hand.

The standard diameters of Handlebar Grips are one inch or 7/8 inches (22.2mm). When buying Handlebar Grips, these are the primary measurements you must keep in mind. But, the size will vary significantly, especially in custom-built bikes. So, ensure to properly measure before you purchase grips for your bike.    

grips diameter

The external diameter of the Handlebar Grips is evaluated depending upon multiple aspects, including design and the bike’s brand. If you like extra padding or cushioning, it may increase the diameter of the grip. 

Please note that the Handlebar Grips size for kids’ bikes is different from the ones used by adults.  

External Size of Handlebar Grips

When discussing Handlebar Grips size, it is important to consider the outside size of the grips. Many bikers often consider only the interior diameter of the grip that will fit around the handlebar. But the external diameter is equally important, which is also called the felt size of Handlebar Grips. It is important because it is where the biker’s hands will make contact while riding. 

The comfortable grip size makes bikers feel good, giving a stable grip and allowing the biker to have more control and handling when the bike is shaken up on rough roads. 

Multiple factors contribute to the external grip size. The two primary aspects are Handlebar Grips’ construction and the pattern of Handlebar Grips integrated into the grip.  

Different Construction Types of Bike Handlebar Grips 

Soft Compound Grips

These compounds are good for a perfect grip, giving a tricky grip feel. The softer compound is comfortable, and the only pitfall is that they are not durable and can wear out easily.  

Medium Compound Grips

Medium compound grips are best as it gives the benefits of both worlds. But, they are very comfortable with the added advantage of higher durability.  

Multi-Density Grips 

It has two varieties of construction, triple compound, and dual compound grips. The dual-compound grips come with an internal core made of hard rubber, and the exterior is made of soft compounds. The triple compound grip is the same as the dual compound grip, but they are harder, and a third compound is added at the end to make it highly durable. 

What are the Different Bike Handlebar Grips Patterns? 

Bike Handlebar Grips Patterns

Full-Waffle Pattern

It has a square waffle pattern that wraps around the grip, making it bulkier. But these patterns are good for bikers with large hands. It comes with mud and water-shedding abilities. 

Half-Waffle Pattern 

It has a square waffle pattern on the underside of the Handlebar Grips. It helps reduce the biker’s hands’ vibration while offering exceptional grip for fingers. The pattern is very common amongst bikers. 

Third-Waffle Pattern

It has a similar waffle design, but a third pattern is added to Handlebar Grips’ underside, where the biker’s fingers rest. It gives the thinnest feel to the rider and is the best choice for bikers with medium and small hand sizes. 

Non-Waffle Pattern 

The pattern is considered by bikers who want a smooth grip. It comes with a raised diamond pattern, giving the thinnest feel. It is great for riders with small hands. The pitfall of this pattern is that it loosens easily when it comes in contact with muddy and wet conditions.  

Pillow-Top Pattern 

The pattern has raised squares across the grip that offer exceptional vibration cushioning and has self-cleaning abilities. It is best for muddy and wet conditions, and it offers better control and handling.      

Some of the Best Bike Handlebar Grips Recommendations  

If your current bike Handlebar Grips are wearing out and need a replacement, here are a couple of Handlebar Grips suggestions that you may consider.  

Half-Waffle Dual Compound Grips

It is the best Handlebar Grip for bikers who want to reduce vibration and repel water and mud while having exceptional grip for their fingers. It gives a better grip to fingers because of the half-waffle pattern. 

Pillow-Top Triple Compound Grips 

These Handlebar Grips are available in two different sizes. The standard size is good for bikers with long hands. The regular grip has a smaller diameter and is good for bikers with medium to small hand sizes.  

Lock-On Grips  

There are lock-on grips designed with soft compound construction, and it gives a good tacky feel with pro-grade vibration reduction. These grips are reinforced with end caps for added durability, and advanced lock technology makes removal of grips impossible.  


Hopefully, by now, it is clear that Handlebar Grips are not universal. So, the answer to the question Are Bike Handlebar Grips Universal is that the grips are not the same. The size, design, pattern, compounds, and materials vary significantly.

These are the aspects that differentiate the Handlebar Grips. The Handlebar Grips of dirt bikes are different from the mountain bikes and on-road bikes. So, you can’t use the same Handlebar Grips for all your bikes. 

For many good reasons, bikers often consider replacing the old grips with factory-fitted standard Handlebar Grips. But, many custom-made alternatives are available that are suitable for off-road and on-road bikes.

So, depending upon your needs, budget, and preferences, you must choose the right Handlebar Grips.

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