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Charles E. Harney, Owner

Chuck, a native Californian, moved to DC in 1991 where he joined Team DC Velo. His background in business and social work combined with his passion for cycling and his community has created the perfect opportunity for a successful independent bicycle dealership. Chuck competes in multisport and qualified for the World Duathlon Championships. He competed with Team USA from 2008-2011.


Simon Pak, Sales Manager

Simon began cycling while attending college and has not looked back. He is an avid bicycle commuter, an enthusiast road rider, and dabbles in mountain biking. He could be considered a big bike geek. Want to talk bikes? Components? Rides? Trails? Interested in purchasing a bike or building a bike? Come on in, Simon would love to discuss options, answer questions, or just shoot the breeze.


Walker Wilkson, Service Manager

Walker’s love for bicycles grew in the unlikeliest of cities – car-centric Houston. Walker first began repairing bicycles when a flat left him four miles from home, and he decided to pursue wrenching full-time after moving to DC. Walker loves books, bicycles, beer and his wife, but not in that order. His ideal day involves a Sturmey-Archer 3 speed hub overhaul and an ideal ride involves panniers and a tent.


Brad, Bike Technician

Brad trained at the United Bicycle Institute and has a special interest in wheel building. His dream bike is one made out of free, scavenged parts – which explains why his best cycling memory is the day he found a junk heap with enough components to assemble a complete bicycle. Come in and chat with Brad about your wheel needs.


Christian, Sales

Christian’s goal at The Bike Rack is to make the sport of cycling more accessible to anyone interested in it. He received his first road bike as a graduation present and now has dreams of bike touring the Iberian Peninsula. Christian loves that he leaves the shop every day knowing more about cycling than he did when he walked in, and is able to pass that information along to customers.


Shane, Mechanic

Shane loves working alongside and meeting fellow bike nuts. His best cycling memory was being off the front at the Poolsville Road Race, solo by six minutes. Shane’s dream trip is to go to the Tour de France.