Fall Bike Rides: Three Great Trails Around Washington DC

Fall is here. The air is brisk and the roads are slippery with wet leaves.

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Still, fall is my favorite time of year to ride. I live in Falls Church, VA, so long road rides tend to be a bit…dangerous.

The thought of riding of routes 50, 7, 29, and 123 send chills up and down my spine. The safest way I’ve found to enjoy my rides outside of DC is to keep it on the trails.

A great place to start is the Key Bridge in Georgetown. From there, here are three bike trails to try:

Crossing the bridge into VA, a left turn will take you onto the Mt. Vernon trail. The trail runs flat along the Potomac river for 18.1 miles, past the airport and through Alexandria, all the way to Mt. Vernon.

Or, a right from the Key Bridge will put you onto the Custis Trail, that leads to the Washington and Old Dominion trail (W&OD). The W&OD ends in Purciville about 45 miles away. If you’re in the mood for a relaxed century, this may be a good option.

Whatever style of ride you’re looking for, one of these trails will make for a nice fall ride.

What are your favorite rides in the DC area?