Let us build your new wheel or your dream wheelset!

We’re stoked to work with you on a new set of hand-built wheels. While there’s no one perfect set of wheels there is a perfect set of wheels for you. Come on by for a chat and we can build something great together.


Warranty for hand-built wheels:

Rim and hub guaranteed against defect in craftsmanship based on manufacturer’s guarantee. Wheel true guaranteed for life of the rim, including spoke replacements.
Due to the inherent fragility of aluminum nipples coupled with their tendencies towards corrosion we limit the warranty of wheels built with alloy nipples to six months from time of delivery.


Did you buy your bike from us?

The Bike Rack offers lifetime adjustments for all bicycles purchased from The Bike Rack. Adjustments include derailleur & brake adjustment and minor wheel trues.


Didn’t buy your bike from us?

The Bike Rack builds out-of-box bikes from online vendors or any new bike-in-a-box. We’ll get you on the road fast and safely with a professional build for just $125 for adult bicycles. Kid’s bikes are $60 to build, and fixed gear bicycles are $75. Call ahead or visit us today for more information.

At The Bike Rack, we focus on safety and quality. We’ve partnered with some of the best vendors in the bike industry. This may preclude us from servicing some types of vintage bikes and most bikes purchased from mass market and big box retailers, as we do not always have access to compatible parts for these bikes.


Our Guarantee

All service work is guaranteed for 30 days, and all new products are covered under manufacturers warranty. See our complete warranty policy here.