Bike Repair & Maintenance

A Message from our Service Department

It only takes one bike ride to appreciate the simple joy of cycling. A well-adjusted and maintained bicycle becomes an extension of your own body, making you more nimble, sleek and graceful.

At The Bike Rack, we can help you maintain and upgrade your bike ride to ensure safe and enjoyable cycling. Whether you are a commuter, a weekend warrior or a determined athlete, we are here to keep you on the road or trail as long as you are ready to ride.

Whatever your bike service maintenance needs are, we can help you. We can build your custom dream bike or restore a vintage bicycle. Tailored upgrades and hand-built wheels are our specialty and keeping you riding smoothly is our passion. Visit us for the best bike maintenance services in DC – from men’s and women’s road bikes to commuter and multisport bike services.

At The Bike Rack, we focus on safety and quality. We’ve partnered with some of the best vendors in the bike industry. Sometimes, however, this precludes us from servicing some types of vintage bikes and most bikes purchased from mass market and big box retailers, as we do not always have access to compatible parts for these bikes.

Our full-service bike mechanics will provide you with an accurate assessment of your bicycle repair needs, and we will always offer you the best options possible to get the repairs you need to keep your bicycle running for as long as possible.

No appointment is necessary for an initial bike maintenance assessment. We do schedule appointments for service once you have discussed the work to be done with one of our mechanics. This offers you the opportunity to use your bike until your service appointment date.

We hope you’ll stop in soon to meet our professional crew. They’re also really nice guys….

Maintenance Packages

Quick-Tune – Includes a thorough safety check of the bike with precision brake and gear adjustments, lube the cable system and bike chain, air up your tires, and you’re ready to ride. The price for the Quick-Tuneup is $45.

The Bike Rack Tune-Up – Includes a thorough safety check of all components and structures of the bike as well as precision adjustments to the shifting, braking, steering, and wheel systems of the bike. We will also do some minor cleaning, as a clean bike helps extend the life of your components and improves overall performance. We will true your wheels and make any needed bearing adjustments. The price for The Bike Rack Tune-Up is $89.

The Bike Rack Tune-Up with Drive Train Clean – This includes all of the services offered in our Tune-Up along with a thorough cleaning of your drivetrain. Also included is the installation labor on cables, chain, cassette/freewheel, brake pads. The Price for our Premium Tune-Up is $139.

The Bike Rack Complete Overhaul (Tear-down and Rebuild)  - Complete bike tune-up and overhaul with bearing systems removed, thoroughly inspected, cleaned, and repacked with fresh grease.  Labor included for installation of new cables and housing, brake pads (brake bleeding if hydraulic), and drivetrain (chain and cassette, if needed), handlebar wrap and a thorough inspection and cleaning of all other components. Bicycle reassembled with precision, ready for high performance riding. The price for our Complete Overhaul is $225.

Safety Check/Pre-Race Mini Tune

Great for getting bikes that are already in good shape prepared for your ride or race. The price for our Pre-Race Mini-Tune is $60 and includes:

  • Check bicycle for functionality/safety
  • Air tires, lube chain/pivot points, Shift/Brake adjustments
  • Touch-true (on-bike) wheels
  • Quick lube + rag wipedown

Save Even More on New Wheels w/ FREE Spokes!

Let us build your new wheel or wheel set and we will give you the spokes for FREE (savings of ~$35 per wheel). Plus if you purchase the rim and hub through The Bike Rack, we’ll give you 5% off both. Free spokes, 5% off your rim and hub and a $60 labor charge per wheel means you can save big on your next set of wheels!

Some really nice testimonials from our customers…


I think I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: the crew (retail and mechanical) at the Bike Rack is phenomenal. I just had a tuneup for my Fuji Newest, and the mechanics took extra time at the end of a busy day to sort out some cassette issues. They’re affable and professional.
I’m moving across the city soon but will continue to return to the Bike Rack for all my service needs. Thanks for running a great shop!


Hi there,

Just wanted to send a quick (and belated) note of thanks to Gavin for his work on my bike the week before last.  Gavin — thanks so much for your quick and thorough work, and thanks for calling and offering to scale back the original price estimate when it turned out that there would be a delay in getting things done.
I don’t know very much about bikes, and I’m on a pretty tight budget — two things that have always made me apprehensive about walking into a bike shop.  I’ve had some less-than-positive experiences at other bike shops in the area.  So I’m really, really glad to have found The Bike Rack.  Thank you for your good work and great service!
Hi, Bike Rack!
Just wanted to say thanks for being awesome!  You tuned up my bike today, and it’s literally better than it’s ever been. Thanks to your mechanics for taking the time to answer my questions honestly and for treating me with respect even though I brought in a crummy Target bike (which probably wasn’t even assembled correctly in the first place!).  I really appreciate it.
Great to have you in the neighborhood.