Bike Room Designs


More people are using cycling as a way to stay healthy, save money, and stay out of traffic jams. Because of the increased numbers of bicycle commuters, there is a rising need and responsibility to provide adequate bicycle parking at your facility. Having the right plan for your commercial or residential bike room will ensure it is a convenient and efficient space to store bicycles securely.

At Bike Room Designs we will consult with you regarding your bicycle storage needs and requirements. We will take into consideration the space you have to work with, the ideal number of bicycles to store and your budget requirements. With that we can design the most effective and efficient means of storing bicycles at your residential or commercial facility.

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What to consider when planning a bike room

  • Location. The right location can ensure convenience and security.
  • Rack selection. All bicycle racks are not created equal. Make sure you choose a rack according to guidelines and constraints, including floor space, ceiling height, number of desired bike parking spaces and budget.
  • Long term vs. short term parking. Long term parking is ideal for those who need to park for several hours. Short term parking is ideal for retail and can be an incentive for increased business and foot traffic.
  • Floor plan. Cyclists should be able to securely lock their bicycles. and their bicycles should be reasonably safeguarded from damage. Consider the space that a rack full of bicycles will take up, not just the rack itself. Also consider that cyclists require a sufficient pathway in and out of the parking area.
  • Security. A well-planned bike room that is secure will encourage more people to ride.
  • Signage. Signs can serve to let cyclists know you have parking and that their business is valued. Signs can also help cyclists find your parking or direct long-term users to intended long-term parking, keeping more short-term parking open for your customers. If your parking is in a garage, signs will let motorists know to look out for cyclists.
  • City regulations. Your city or town may have bicycle parking regulations for commercial or residential spaces. See D.C.’s regulations.

We can help you work through the considerations and more to build the best bicycle storage room for you and your cyclists. Contact us.