Bicycle Fit Services


Fit Pricing

Basic Fit – $150
Perfect for when your schedule does not allow for a Custom Bike Fit. We will set your saddle height, saddle fore/aft, stem length, and more for a correct fit. We do not suggest this option for competitive cyclists or those with medical issues. Allow 1 hour.

Transfer Fit – $125
We use the measurements from your initial bike fit and transfer them to your second bike or new bike.


Should I get fitted for my hybrid?
Bike fitting on a hybrid bicycle typically involves only the saddle height adjustment. Unless the cyclist is experiencing legitimate pain due to the riding position, a hybrid is not appropriate for a professional bike fit.

What if my bike is the wrong size for me?
If a frame is one or two centimeters off, a bike fit can often help the cyclist to feel comfortable despite the frame size. If the frame size discrepancy is greater, there is not much hope for a bike fit correcting the problem.

How close to my ride or race should I get a bike fit?
It is best to plan at least two to three weeks ahead of your ride or race. Following a professional bike fit, the cyclist needs to spend time on the bike before they decide if the changes are right for them. It is common for the fit process to take a couple of appointments before the “right fit” is discovered. Additionally, if replacement parts are needed, the process could be delayed by several days.