Bike Rack Road Racing Team

The Bike Rack Racing team gives cyclists the opportunity to explore the world of competitive road, cyclocross and mountain bike racing with the support of a team. The team strives to give members the opportunity to improve their skills, work together and grow as a team, race hard, and above all, have fun.

Bike Rack Racing welcomes all levels, from those who have never participated in a race before to those who are looking for more competitive riding.

Check the road teams out at and on Facebook.

Artemis Racing

Artemis Racing is dedicated to promoting and supporting women in bicycle racing, and we also fully support male and junior (ages 10-18) racer development. Artemis enjoys the diversity of its members, all who are located throughout the Baltimore-Washington-Virginia Metropolitan area (and beyond), where they can be found racing and training as a group on regional roads year-round. Our riders are recognized and well known and well respected in the Mid-Atlantic region, a reputation of which we are proud. We still believe in giving back to the cycling community via grassroots development, leadership, and education.

Learn more about Artemis Racing on their website.