Multisport Team

Bike Rack Multisport believes individual athletes are motivated to perform better and have more fun as part of a committed, energized group. The team is a visible presence in Washington, DC, respected for our competitiveness, active member participation and engagement in the multisport community. The team was founded in late 2008 as a racing outlet for friends of the shop. Over the 2009 and 2010 seasons, the team grew to become an independently-run organization with an elected Board of Directors, retaining The Bike Rack as the team’s title sponsor.

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Men’s and Women’s Road Team

Bike Rack Racing gives riders the opportunity to explore the world of competitive road, cyclocross and mountain bike racing with the support of a team to help reach individual goals. We have just a few goals: give riders the opportunity to improve their skills, work together and grow as a team, race hard, and above all: have fun while doing so. Bike Rack Racing welcomes all levels, from those who have never participated in a race before to those who are looking to upgrade, but our emphasis is on supporting each other and challenging all to become better riders.

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Sticky Fingers Women’s Road Team

Racing is only part of who Team Sticky Fingers is and what they do. As individuals and as a team they work hard to support each other on and off-course, and are actively involved in the local cycling community, working to strengthen the presence of women on bikes. The team aims to have a presence in the local race scene and on the roads, actively working to grow opportunities for other women to engage the racing community and with each other. Their partnership with the Bike Rack is central to this effort.

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