Profile on Kim Stepien, Physical Therapist

Kim Stepien DPT, received her Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy from Ithaca College. As a former collegiate athlete, she has a special interest in Sports Medicine and is a certified Pilates for Rehabilitation instructor. Kim treats with a comprehensive approach with an emphasis on manual based therapy and functional dynamic training. She is currently certified in
trigger point dry needling and is working towards obtaining a Certified Integrative Manual Therapy (CIMT) certification through Great Lakes Institute of Physical Therapy. She performs video gait analysis with runners and enjoys coaching swimming, cycling and personal training in her free time.

A current client writes…

“I started going to Kim when I was diagnosed with Plantars Fasciitis. The conventional treatments were fine, but I was looking for more. Kim uses a whole body approach looking at all possible causes and the most effective treatments. She started using dry needling on my calves and ultra sound on my heel. Along with massage and ice on the foot and stretching exercises, the pain is greatly reduced. Additionally, she also took a look at my leg length and determined that one was slightly longer than the other, a likely factor in my diagnosis.  I highly recommend Kim for any kind of sports injury or need for physical therapy. ”


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